Asking someone else to be bridesmaid

Hi ladies

My 'best friend' told me last week that she can't make it to my wedding (she lives in Oz) after I had bought everything for her to be one if my 2 bridesmaids.

Thr funny thing is, I was actually going to ask another friend originally but they both don't like each other and I knew said best friend would get the hump. 

I would love to ask her to be my bridesmaid but would she now just feel 2nd best? That I'm asking her just because someone's dropped out? I think I would feel like that if I was asked but what do you girls think?




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    I think if you explain you really wanted her to be BM at the beginning but didn't want any tension on your big day and you would like her to consider it but understand if she doesn't want to. I would understand if you explained it and it's an honour I think.

    Hope this helps and good luck image 

  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    Meet up for lunch or a coffee and chat face-to-face. I am sure she will be honored to be your bridesmaid image 

  • ask her ! i am sure she would be delighted


  • Absolutely! one of my friends asked me to do a BM literally two months before her wedding (other 3 had been asked a yearbefore)  She had even got me a dress and shoes ready.  She said just wouldn't feel right without me there to support her as we had got so close in last year - I was over the moon! So definitely ask image

  • I think you should definitely ask her, Im sure she'll be over the moon image

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    I definitely think you should ask image  Explain that you wished you'd asked her in the first place, and when you ask tell her she doesn't have to give you an answer then and there and you won't be offended if she says no.

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    Thanks for the advice ladies!

    I asked her and explained everything and she said she'd love to. She really did seem chuffed so I'm so so pleased ????

  • SimonexSimonex Posts: 3

    What a lovely happy ending! I just hope the dress fits... Enjoy your day x

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