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    its annoying when people are meant to be close friends and there to celebrate with you and they let something upset the evening but I think for it all to be over a key is a bit dramatic. I think all u can do is if they want to be awkward n say they're not coming let them get on with it. Easier said than done I know image 

  • That's awful, Gina. I'm so sorry you had such a nasty end to your hen do. I agree that I don't see an issue asking people to check. Your friend who has said that she now won't attend the wedding is clearly very childish. I'd do nothing, say nothing, and sleep on it. I think you should talk to her but only when you feel you have the energy. Sending hugs. X

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    At least she has shown her true colours now. It may hurt to loose her but her behaviour indicates she was never really your friend, best not to have her at your big day demanding attention, and not looking for a key, blocking people then saying their not coming to your wedding is attention seeking!

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    Is she expecting you to beg and say she was in the right? Sounds like the wedding may go more smoothly without her there in my opinion anyway, you dont want to be worrying about it all kicking off. She should be putting her feelings aside for you if she is a true friend and not thinking of herself. If you decide that you do want her there I'd leave it for a day or so as she's probably waiting for you to reply so she can go on about it all.  Then I'd send a one off message saying something like 'I'm sorry that you have decided not to come to our wedding, if you should change your mind you will be very welcome'. I think its imperitive that you do not get drawn into a debate. It sounds like this is what she wants and you dont need the drama.  

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    Oh that sounds like a nightmare, not what you want after a lovely evening on your hen do.

    I agree with everyone else, it's better she show her true colours now than cause any issues at your wedding. You aren't in the wrong at all and there was no need for her to react the way she did.

    Hope you are feeling ok, and just leave her be, if she wants to take that road then it's her choice, you have nothing to be sorry for and she is probably hoping you will go begging for her to go to the wedding.

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    A wedding brings out everyone's true colours unfortunately, but it helps you see who your true friends are.

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    That is true, I guess sometimes they are colors that you don't want to see but better to see them now then on our wedding day.  I always like to make sure everyone is happy and like to look out for people, but I think I will just leave this as it is, I feel sad but I guess our friendship is not very important to her.  Thanks again image Really helped me x

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    Some people are just petty. Planning this wedding has been a real eye opener for me and have already said to my mum there's not many people who I'll be talking to after the wedding.

  • gina ggina g Posts: 397

    they really are aren't they, we are all grown ups I just can't believe how some people have behaved.  I am not chasing I guess I can only leave her too it as she is obviously looking for attention x

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    As others have said Gina leave her to it - she does sound very childish and will have made herself look very stupid by not backing down etc - hope you are ok, let things cool down a bit and see if she contacts you x

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