Let down

Hi girls

Feeling a little let down tonight image had our 12 week appointment at our venue today. Been looking forward to it for weeks however our coordinator was 1/2 hour late and then had to leave as a wedding party arrived early. I completed understand and I am glad that she put the wedding 1st as I would expect this on my day however confused why she would book us in straight after some one else who ended up running over so we had to sit there for 1/2 hour and then we only had 1/2 hour with her. Felt very rushed and not much was discussed about the day after the meal. 


Do you think I should email her or is that pathetic and the evening is kinda a given and that is more up to the DJ to coordinate? 


Sorry just needed to rant, me and other half ended up having a massive row afterwards as I was pissed off image




  • That is a bit rubbish. I agree she needed to prioritise the wedding, but you should have been prioritised above the couple that overran - clearly not managing time very well. I think you need to say something, even if it's just emailing to ask her to arrange a time to complete your meeting by phone as she didn't have enough time to conduct your meeting properly. 

  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    I'd email asking to meet up again, just explain you still have some questions etc xx

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