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So we had our wedding all planned out for Mexico and ready to book when flights go on sale in 2 weeks time, a couple of family members and friends couldn't make it and we realise its a lot to ask of people and a huge commitment both in terms of time and money, but the majority of important guests were all happy to travel for us. Now we don't know if the best man can make it. Obv the OH is a bit upset with this especially as the BM has just booked another holiday, however he has told us he does want to come and will see what his situation is in July. Do we risk booking our wedding this month and then the best man not coming? I know it would devastate the OH.

Also we have just been told that my brother cant come now as he cannot get the time off work. He was originally told it wouldn't be a problem and now theres no way he can make it as he can only take 5 days holiday out of work time.

So the dilemma is this - do we keep the original plan and go to Mexico where we had our first holiday and also where my OH proposed and risk it just being the two of us, parents and one bridesmaid, or do we get married somewhere closer to home so we can have more of our guests present?  If it was a shorter flight time and the possibility of guests coming for a weekend rather than a 2 week holiday more aunties and uncles etc could potentially make it. The location is important to us, however I don't want to get married with none of our loved ones there!

We have no idea where to even start if looking for somewhere else as I have never imagined getting married in the UK and have always pictured a beach wedding. Gone from having a clear idea of the whole wedding to not having a clue where to start!

Thanks for reading xx


  • If having your friends and family there is important then pick somewhere closer to home. We got married just the two of us by choice but would have been a hard day if i had been wishing people were there. You dont want to regret not enjoying getting married.... Have you looked at Spain and Canary Islands? Both are accessible for a weekend and have great beaches! (PS beach weddings rule!)
  • MrsMc9814MrsMc9814 Posts: 422

    I would say if it really matters to you who is there then get married closer to home and have your honeymoon in Mexico... however, if you would be happy with just the people who could make it then stick with your current plan... image

  • Angie jAngie j Posts: 448

    I would say get married here so the family & friends you want to come can then fly off to Mexico have a lovely honeymoon & have a blessing when you are there.  Pretty sure our Hotel does that, Secrets Maroma Beach.  You get the best of both worlds then. 

  • Mrs pickleMrs pickle Posts: 319

    What about somewhere closer? I'm getting married in Santorini and the majority of our guests are just going for 4 nights 

  • FutureMrsKFutureMrsK Posts: 234

    Me and my H2B changed to a wedding in the UK from abroad, my sister told me she just couldn't afford it. It was more important to me that my family was there then getting married abroad. We are now doing a small family wedding here for the same budget. We are still very excited and have an amazing honeymoon away as well. 

  • I would get married at home, but then it's really important to me for us to get married surrounded by our loved ones. I think a blessing and honeymoon in Mexico is a really lovely idea 

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    As others have suggested, a blessing in Mexico would be magical. We are honeymooning to Bali and are going to have a blessing there as I once saw my 'dream' wedding at this resort in Bali. It will add an extra special element for the two of you I think.

    Then you could have the wedding somewhere closer and always bring Mexican themed elements into your day? With the food or decorations or colour scheme or music etc. That sounds to me like the best of both worlds image

    Good luck, whatever you decide x

  • MrsDenbyMrsDenby Posts: 199

    Thanks everyone image hadn't even thought about a blessing in Mexico but love the idea. Will definitely look into it. Now to think about venues closer to home! X

  • I'm getting married in mexico, can book it in 10 days.... image a lot of Maine and h2b's family have dropped oudurum to money, work, or don't want to fly that far? But it has always been our dream to marry abroad and both fell for mexico. In our opinion we gave everyone plenty of notice, prices, and flight times, we are having a reception party at home for people Otho can not come. I just tell myself the people who matter and want to be there will be there, they are the ones that want to see us get married, but is our wedding and what we want. Don't forget it's about u and ur h2b so what ever you both want should happen! Xx

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