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Seamstress trouble

So I went for my first proper dress fitting today at the most amazing bridal boutique where all the ladies made me feel so special last time I went, found a gorgeous veil etc and where I bought my dress from before Christmas. I took my mum and we were really excited to see how the dress would look fitted properly, and have a girlie day out but...

firstly the seamstress made lots of remarks about how much work needed to be done, tutting and stressing that whole sections needed chopping off, reworking, rebeading, restructuring etc

she made a lot if comments about how I should expect a huge bill at the end of the process for the vast amount of work needed to make this dress look good, and kept asking if I realised how much money it would take on top of the hefty price tag I'd already paid

she told me off for not standing straight and moving too much, apparently I was putting her off her measurements (even though I was hardly breathing in order to keep still!!) 

my poor mum didn't know how to help or what to say, and I felt so upset I nearly burst into tears, I know the dress needs a lot of work but her snappy, negative attitude turned my dream dress into a burden and I feel awful now! 

She told me that whole sections of dress would be altered, losing the original beading and i just wish I could afford to buy myself a new dress in e right size (unfortunately it details at £2600 brand new which I couldn't afford)

has anyone else had a bad experience? Sorry for the rant!



  • TadpoleTadpole Posts: 2,134 New bride

    What a complete insensitive cow!! Do you have to get your alterations there? I would go elsewhere and let the shop know exactly why you are doing so! xx

  • I agree with Toad, thats just awful! The shop should be made aware of how she treated you

  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    please go somewhere else and get somone nicer and not money grabbing!

  • MissP4nowMissP4now Posts: 166

    That sounds awful. Definitely go somewhere else that woman doesn't deserve your money

  • MrsS2014MrsS2014 Posts: 139

    That does sound awful, her attitude stinks.  There are plenty of amazing seamstresses out there so I would take it somewhere else, you shouldnt be made to feel like that about your wedding dress!

  • noooo this is awful! Ring the shop and ask them not to let her touch your dress and go somewhere else, she shouldnt be doing the job with that attitude!!! Bless you x

  • Jules10Jules10 Posts: 128

    Thanks for all your replies, do you think the shop will be funny with me if I tell them I'm not happy? The cost of alterations is fine just her attitude! If I look elsewhere though the price might be twice as much for alterations? I'm a bit lost! image xx 

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Finding a good seamstress (albeit a bloody moody one in your case!) isn't that easy, so I wouldn't do anything rash. She's probably just feeling snowed under and a bit pis*ed off they didn't pre-warn her that yours was quite a big job. I would definitely call the bridal shop in the morning to complain about her attitude though- it's important you let them know that she ruined the experience for you and made you feel anxious + guilty re. the amount of work that needs doing to the dress, because it's their reputation on the line, not hers. I imagine she'll get a telling-off and be much nicer to you next time! xx 

  • KK12KK12 Posts: 927

    Jules10 some seamstresses only do so much to dresses and it seems that she thinks it will be a big job and maybe the shop should have made her aware of this but then that's her actual job! I am having my dress made to measure and I love the colour and style of it but had issues with the trim - which didn't look right with the dress and I slept on it and told them the next day after my 2nd fitting and asked what could be done - the shop seamstress doesn't do hand sewn beading as such and I wanted some doing on my dress and they asked if gluing them on would be ok and it's not an issue - with that in mind, I asked about finding some applique that can be sewn onto the dress (less time consuming) and that's ok - I've found and bought some and will send the boutique a pic of it and if the seamstress doesn't want to do it, then I will find one who will!

    It's your dress and you need it to be perfect for you so don't let them fob you off! x

  • allison 2allison 2 Posts: 150

    we were not happy with the service at the dress shop where we got my daughters wedding dress so I found another seamstress and took the dress from the shop you don't have to put up with bad service xx 

  • laurapjlaurapj Posts: 726

    Everyone is allowed an off-day but it sounds like she was very unprofessional and unfair to you. I would speak to the manager about it and politely explain that your first appointment with them was fantastic but that yesterday you left feeling very upset and that this seamstress is letting down their customer service and good reputation. Hopefully that will get them to buck up their ideas! 

    I'm sure it will look amazing in the end, don't let this woman interfere with your feelings about the dress itself xx

  • Jules10Jules10 Posts: 128

    I went to see the shop yesterday and as usual they couldn't be more helpful and supportive. The owner said she has a lot of brides worried about the seamstress and her attitude, and often has brides in tears. She even said this lady has a strong personality and isn't so good at the supportive people skills like most are, even she gets told off by her. I think she was trying to make me feel better but instead it made me decide to go and get my dress and take it elsewhere. The shop saId , and emailed me later to confirm, that they only want what's best for me and my overall wedding experience and they'll do everything and anything they can to support me which I thought was lovely.

    I'm taking it a shop that I know is as wonderful as this one, great customer service etc but with a different seamstress. Tbh I don't think il trust anyone with it! Is that normal? I hope it can be done by this new seamstress and I've not now peed off the first seamstress who may have done an amazing job?

    im taking my two bms with me today, who will back me up if she's awkward with me, but I've told her I just want my dress for a week or two until I've had chance to think about the alterations etc (and after all,I never buy anything without doing my comparison research beforehand, it's just common sense) 

    Hope I not causing more problems for myself :-/ will let you know how it goes

  • You have to be happy with it and be comfortable with the person making these alterations to the the most important dress you will wear! I am sure that any decent shop would employ a good seamstress and you said you are taking it to a shop that had good customer service etc, I am sure asking if she can do it will be okay you don't have to use the new one. Good luck and remember you have to be happy xx

  • Jules10Jules10 Posts: 128

    Thanks Kimberley image

  • MrsG23MrsG23 Posts: 231

    Where I got my dress from were absolutely lovely - really friendly people! They gave me the address and contact details for their seamstress who they used for everything - So, I went to her.

    When my mum and I turned up she didnt even say hello, just opened the door and told us to take off our shoes... I was like Oh my goodness, this woman will be taking apart my dress and so on. BUT - she relaxed and has done AMAZING things to my dress. It has a lot of intricate lace which needed to be completely taken off and a huge amount taken off the length too (Im mega short).

    All im saying is that sometimes, first impressions arent always so good, but there is a reason why they are the seamstress to the particular shop you have chosen. They may not have the people skills but they are fab at what they are doing - although, on second thoughts - by altering your dress so much she was willing to lose the design, then that isnt cool!!



  • God that sounds like my first encounter with a seamstress .. I went else where x it wasn't at a place calls whyte weddings was it ? They were fab but boy was their seamstress hideous xx

  • Kath24Kath24 Posts: 54

    You poor thing that is terrible. I agree with the other brides, go somewhere else as you have said it's ok about the cost of the alterations it's her attitude, you are paying don't pay to put up with her, go somewhere the seamstress is happy to help you and enjoy your experience as you should. 

    Regards Kath 

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