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MIL SIL Problems?

So MIL and SIL are difficult people to get on with. SIL loves me or hates me when drunk and the mother is the same.

However the H2B Dad is a hairdresser so is coming to the venue to do my hair on the day around 10am (weddings at 1pm) which should be fine I told him he could bring the things that he is wearing to change into then transport will take him to the church with the rest of the H2B family. 
However when I spoke to the MIL today she said oh we dont have to be at the church till 12.30 so I will have my makeup done and then my hair.....

I was like well John (H2B father) will be coming to the venue at 10am to do my hair so I guess you could come with him and get ready in the same room if you want then you can get transport to the church from there when youre done. 

However she always kicks up a fuss on big has to always be about her, her hairwill be wrong or she wont be happy with her outfit so I will be the one having to say how wonderful she looks......when actually it should be the other way round. 
So not sure how to just keep calm and just ignore it....or think of a different plan. 


  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    Can't she just have her hair done before he leaves to come do yours?  That's what anyone who wants to use my hairdresser is going to have to do (however early that may be for them!).  I do appreciate it's a bit more difficult with it being her husband though!  Or you could get him to have a word with her..?

  • Yeah this is what I thought but this would mean doing hers at like 8.30? 9? lol 

    I guess so I could probably discuss it with him first....I also forgot that he does his daughters hair I really hope that she isnt wanting her hair done by him too!! :S 

    Her hair is quite thick like mine so it will take an hour or so to do....unless he pin curls it the night before then just styles it at the venue. 

  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    Well your hair is the priority, so whatever anyone else wants needs to be worked around your schedule for the morning image Just have a chat with his dad, I'm sure you can work out a schedule together.

  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    i think u need to talk with him and maybe do a trial so that you can work out how long it will take to do ur hair and therefore what time he needs to get there etc.

    also why not suggest that if MIL and SIL get their hair done earlier they can relax, drink champange and/or get photos done early and go support ur OH?

    also maybe mention to MIL and SIL that its better to do hair first as if the hair is wet or need heat etc the makeup might slide and might need to be re-applied? and they can always get their hair touched up after urs?

    play the oh im worried about ur hair and if the FIL will have enought time to do both MIL and SIL hair when mine will take so long etc

    also MIL r meant to b at venue welcoming guests in and supporting OH not away with bride or making everyone late coz they r getting their hair done

    another note (yes way too many) is that you could say that the minister wants everyone in the church seated before 1pm so there is no delay i.e. my invites said 12:30 for a 1pm wedding. plus they will be seated up front so it will be much more obvious if they r late etc

  • I thought I replied to this today. But yes I do need to talk to him more I think. I have had a trial and it took just over an hour and a half. 


    And yes yes I did put on the invites arrive at 12.30 for a 1 pm start. Although this lead the MIL to say oh well we have plenty of time to have my makeup done andy hair done.... And another thing is she never wears makeup so not sure if she is planning in having her makeup done too?!? 

    I think I'll just have to make a plan and just be form but calm. I feel like it is turning me into bridezilla lol. But I know what she is like. It was the SIL wedding in March and the MIL was horrendous and nothing was organised it was all rushed from the makeup to the hair everything and they had a team of hairdressers come up to do four bridesmaids. 

    Luckily I am only having 1 and I am doing her hair as it'sy niece. 

    Relaxed is how I want to be fingers crossed xxx

  • But I might try the hair thing actually! That sounds like a good tactic. I want you to look your best too. .... Although the SIL is planning on having bright pink hair noW it is already bright white!!? 


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