Dress wobbles, literally!

I get married in August and have had my dress for months now. The problem is it's quite fitted and since I ordered it I have put on weight. I quit smoking over a year ago and I have ballooned since then. Putting on weight is certainly not something I have been trying to do and nothing about my life has changed recently its just something my body has decided to do. I had also asked the dress shop to order the dress in a size to big so I knew I would have lots of room in it but she didn't and says that I never asked her to order it bigger so its my word against theirs.

The dress still fits (just) but I feel frumpy and all belly. I really aren't in love with it anymore. I looked in the mirror and grimaced ( I know, grimaced!) It's to late to do much about it but all I keep thinking is either I have to go on a crash diet or I have to ask the photographer to take only headshots. 

Does anyone have any ideas? or some comforting words of wisdom? I'm sure I'm not the only person who has been in this position but it's really hard because all I keep hearing is "the dress is the most important part of the day, people come to see the bride in her dress" and to be honest its terrifying me. x


  • FutureMrsKFutureMrsK Posts: 234

    You could always sell your dress unaltered and then buy a sample dress. Crash diets are very bad for you, I wouldn't recommend it. My sister said that after she stopped smoking her appetite changed and she gained weight. Maybe go and try the dress on again with a friend or family member and do your hair, wear heels and put some makeup on and you might feel differently. 

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    I agree that a crash diet is not the answer. As you can get the dress on surely a couple of pounds would make all the difference? As 2015Bride2 said try it on with hair, make up, heels and a good pair of spanx! I have a spanx body thing and all my clothes look better when I am wearing it underneath.

    Also rememeber why you fell in love with the dress in the first place. When you put it on again try to think first of the things you love and the bits that look good.

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    Maybe a combination of eating really healthily and shapewear could work together, maybe try looking at clean eating, so cutting out all refined carbs like white bread, pasta etc. could help you drop a few pounds and maybe just knowing that would make you feel more confident and I've heard people say the 30 day shred exercise video is really good to quickly lose some inchs? Good luck and I'm sure you will look beautiful.


  • The most important thing for slimming down is excercise. I know most people don't want to hear that, I didn't until a couple of months ago! My wedding is in August, and I too was having dress wobbles. I'd heard lots about high proten low carb diets, which are great, but not quite enough on their own for the results that I wanted. So as well as that I started doing loads of excercise, specifically cardio mixed with resistance training (running up hills, doing squats, sit ups and press ups etc) and it really worked. I've lost 6cm off my waist which was always my problem area, and slimmed down my arms loads aswell. Physical effects aside, the excercise puts me in such a good mood. I can't recommend it highly enough. Good luck! image

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    Have you thought about getting a Slendertone - doesn't lose any weight but does help tone the tummy a little to pull it all in. Just adds to any gym work you're doing to help tighten the tum as an emergency measure.

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    August is still 11 weeks away so there is plenty of time to do something if you want to without resorting to a crash diet. just losing a pound a week would mean nearly a stone off and if the dress fits then you don't need to lose that much. Eating healthily and moving more (even just making sure you walk 10,000 steps a day) will help you.

    I eat clean (no refined sugar or carbs, no processed food etc) and this has worked wonders for me along with doing exercise (I use Shaun T Insanity and T25 both are amazing). . You have lots of time so don't worry you can do it

  • with 11 weeks away youve got plenty of time to lose weight safely, if you're a bit lazy like me you might like yoga, its very low impact but does the job! but if you realistically dont think you can or want to shift any weight then you could look at places that have sample sales on and try and bag yourself a bargain, i know a lot of the pronovias stockists will have sample sales imminently as the 2015 range is coming out shortly, dont panic xxx 

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