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Photo. . . bomb :(

Looking for some advice.  I am disappointed with our wedding photos and I don't know what to say to our photographer.  How do you approach this conversation?  Is it even worth it?  I'm upset about photos that are missing - I know they aren't going to be able to magic them up post wedding.


  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    So sorry you're disappointed image Are they photos that you'd specified you wanted? If so perhaps you could get some money back (little consolation I know, but I'm not sure what else you can do).

  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    Sorry you are disappointed. 

    I definitely think it's worth raising with the photographer. They will want to hear if you aren't happy and any decent business person would try to rectify the situation. 

    I would approach it by saying you are surprised that there weren't any pictures of x,y or z.

    Follow this by asking them if they have any that you haven't seen. I know for a fact our photographer took thousands of pictures and we received 400 odd of the very best. It might well be there are some that aren't 'perfect' but which do exist and include things you are upset are missing. 

    I know you won't be able to make it up if they are missing but it might be possible to recreate some of them? 

    I would also be clear about exactly what is disappointing you and raise that too. Is it some missing? If so are they key ones you'd expect? Had you mentioned them in advance, i.e. did you do a list that wasn't followed or are they key ones you'd expect? Is it the quality of them? Is there one specific one you had in mind or is it lots that you feel should have been taken? 

    Good luck, C

  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743

    I wasnt happy with mine at first n I was gutted so I know how u feel. Have u had them made into an album?

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    I wasn't happy with ours, he missed loads off our list, I have no photo of us with my parents, none of us with both parents, or me with mums, oh with dads etc and only two photos of my mum in total 

    We got married abroad and didn't get much choice in the photographer image  I didn't ever complain but I wish I had, although like you say it's not possible to recreate them after the day image


  • Really sorry to hear they're not what you hoped for.

    As others have said, if the missing pics are ones you specifically requested beforehand, or are really obvious ones (like you with your Mum, for example), you may well have some recourse.

    I know it's not the same (by a long chalk) but maybe you could ask your photographer for an extra (complementary if the forgotten ones were his error) photo shoot to capture the images you'd like?

    If everyone's happy to do it, you could get dressed up in your finery again, or just have a really relaxed session as a 'post-wedding celebration'. The pictures could still go in your wedding album, and they might even be a refreshing way to finish off the book?

    Hope you get it sorted xx

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    Give them a nudge, I love mine but wanted a few more of my mum and me, so asked if there were any less flattering shots, I told my photographer the pictures are fab but are there anymore of me or my mum, I don't mind if they are unflattering because friends and family know I am not normally so perfectly presented, got about half a dozen more.

    I will say I messed up and didn't get one of just me and my mum or me and my parents, I forgot to put them on my list and canned a load of formal ones because I swear herding cats would have been easier than sorting out the group shots, still don't know why it was left to me to call everyone over, after the mists I told the photographer to forget it and had a sulk!

  • allison 2allison 2 Posts: 150

    ask them to give you all the photos he took you may be able to crop some photos to get good photos then you can make your own album on line I just made one of my daughters wedding with Tesco it was a lot of work and took time but the result is lovely and cost me £55 for a large album and everyone has loved it x


  • KateMarried3KateMarried3 Posts: 339

    I am in the same spot right now.  How about this...he missed our kiss at the alter!  He took no pix of the reception hall fully decorated (which I am told looked magical, but I never got to see for myself before everyone settled in). Almost all of the pix were outside, and we are squinting in the bulk of them - sometimes he directed us to wait for an approaching cloud, but most of the time not. Basically, he did not offer us any direction at all so we all LOOK like we have no clue most of the time. He took probably 400 pictures, but only sent us 170, which are supposedly the "best ones."  They are not great. I tried to have him edit a few, but there is only so much he can do...and he certainly can't make up shots he completely missed.  I have taken the few good ones & popped them in albums and frames, and resigned myself to the fact that we will need to get good photos of us as a couple and as a family at some other point.  I definitely feel your pain.

  • @KateMarried3 - I confess to missing the kiss sometimes - it's rare but if the couple just do a quick peck, it's not always that easy to capture. Now if you guys had a big smooch, then that's pretty unforgivable image

    Was your photographer a professional wedding photographer as I would have been shooting with your backs to the sun and a bit of fill in flash so that you wouldn't have been squinting or I would have directed you to a shady spot or waited until later in the day when the light was softer. 

    Did he have a chance to photograph the room set up before everyone went in? At a wedding I photographed a couple of weeks ago, I was told I would have 5 mins to photograph the set up before everyone went in but the ushers over-enthusiastically ushered everyone in before I got the chance!

    @ruby2shoes, I'm sure your photographer would be mortified if he or she knew that you were upset and I'm sure that they would want to do what they could to make it better if you let them know what the problems are.

  • KateMarried3KateMarried3 Posts: 339

    The photog is a professional.  His excuse on not shooting the reception room was that there were service people (workers) in there most of the time and he didn't want them in the pix.  Well politely ask them to give you a few minutes to photograph the room!  They want the day to go well, they will be happy to step out for a sec; the employees were all really nice and helpful, they would not have said no.  He was onsite, as were we, hours before the start and there was more than enough time to shoot the room. As for the first kiss, it was definitely not a peckimage  We did have programs as well so there was no question what was coming up.  Those were just two examples of things he missed...there were plenty of others too, unfortunately. But this isn't about me, it's about @ruby2shoes and her disappointment.  I've decided to look forward to getting new, different photos of us together at other, future events.  That's my consolation.  What other suggestions can we give @ruby2shoes to help her out?

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