Venue disaster ! Going to have a breakdown

We are getting married at a lovely staley home with lots of land and part of the appeal was the 2mile drive through the land with lovely scenery... Partner went to check and the venue had a 3 day festival on the land so literally 3 miles worth of car tracks the green grass iis now just a massive mud pile for the whole 3 mile drive and around where we would be having photos needless to say  I am so upset !!! I would add photos bit I'm so horrified thy would do this 2 days till the wedding !!! This was a planned thing and they never told us .. We are paying though the nosy as this is a lovely venue completely ruined ! Help they have offered £500 back ... Considering we have spent about 14k on the venue I nearly laughed ... Some advice or anything... They won't be able to fix it before the wedding ... God what are people going to think !!


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    Oh honey I'm so sorry. Can't offer any advice but wanted to send big hugs x

  • Thankyou i appreciate it !! image so upset

    It's completely messed everything from the drive up (it looks like a mud slick) from photos (unless you like mus) from lawn games (mud wrestling anyone ?) 

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    Oh that's so awful, can't believe that they would do that just before. Did they apologise or say they'd try to fix it?

    Do you have the contract or anything which talks about what they will give you on the day? You might be able to ask for more money back.

    But if you are going to stick to the wedding there (which I guess you are with the time frame) I guess you need to think about how it will work. Are there other, better areas you can use for photos and things?

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    I can't believe they would do that and only offer you only £500 back. I'm really cross for you, but I have no idea what to suggest. xxx

  • They we like oh the mud will dry and we will sweep the drive ... which is the bare min of what they can do well our wedding planners off till the wedding .. So I'm not happy ! To be honest every photo we have will have it in the back ground im not joking literally no green patch at all think he biggest patch is 2 by 2 meters.. With everything else that's gone wrong with this wedding I'm worried we r cursed !


    They were like u can cone come back and redo ur photos .. Of course it will have to be a week day as we will have other events on . What's worse is there a another wedding before us and I don't think they know


    would name And shame the venue but I want to be able to tell at someone tomorrow ! I don't know what legal standing we have for getting any of our money back .. Of course the monster in law is like oh well u wasted all that money on nothing what a shame ... I am going to drown her shortly 

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    what date is the wedding?

  • Oh lovely! I'm so sorry that's bloody ridiculous. £500 back isn't acceptable at all, maybe if you threaten to complain & name & shame the venue potentially putting off other brides maybe that will give them the kick up the butt they need to realise what they've done. x

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    OMG that is so shocking I really feel for you, you must be so upset!

    I don't know that I can offer a lot more but didn't want to read and run, literally opened mouthed reading what had happened.

    I am sure you would have some legal standpoint on this, at least to get a lot more of your money back. It's not exactly what you signed up for so 'not fit for purpose' I would def seek legal advice, Most solicitors do a 1 hour free consultation. Maybe go and take some pictures of how it looks now and see if you can get some pictures of what it should look like from the internet to compare and take these along with your contract??

    Do you have wedding insurance, they might be able to help??

    Good luck, certainly a stress you do not need right now! x

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    Theyhave acknowledged that the situation is not ideal with the whole "oh you can come back and do your pictures another time" so what I would look into is whether you can go and do you photos somewhere nearby (nice gardens or somewhere?) and also demand not only more money back but push for all the freebies you can get. ie. "well we are going to have to go elsewhere to have photos taken, thus taking us away from our guests, perhaps you should remove the costs for champagne and canapes during this time" I would also make it clear that you are quite prepared to name and shame the day after the wedding so they really need to make this right xx

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    I know situation is v diff n you definitely need to find out wher u stand legally n try to get money back but I thought I would try nnput ur mind at rest a little bit bwt photos. The grounds to my venue are gorgeous n all weddin photos iv seen there looked gorgeous, my day comes, rains all day so we couldn't get outside! On day I was a bit annoyed but didn't really care, ur on such a high trust me! Then when I got photos back I looked at them for days before I even realised hubby n best man had gettin out for photos before wedding. Wt I'm tryin to say is on day u might notice but it wnt bother u n your photos will look gorgeous no matter where they are taken Tht u don't even notice if they're outside or in! Hope thts helped a little bit 

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    I agree with Snowy78 and would say go to a solicitor for some free advice.  If they sold it to you to a certain specification, then that is how you should receive it. 

    In any event, try not to let it ruin your day.  I am sure your photographer will be able to work around it and you might not even notice it. I am sure it is still beautiful and it won't ruin anything. I know you are upset but try not to let it ruin the lead up to your amazing day.


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    image wish there was time so you could demand them buy a truck load of turf! cant believe they held a festival knowing what would happen. yes you certianly need more then £500 restitution, as you were mis sold that venue. you were sold a venue with immaculate and beautiful grounds (i assume that's the wording used in their descriptions)...that wasn't delivered.


    try not to think about it, enjoy your day, as long as you end up married it is a success....and we'll take them to the bloody cleaners afterwards!!! xxx

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    I think I would be demanding the astro turf at least some of the area so you have some where to stand for your pictures and then they cover the cost of your photographer coming back with out you so they can photoshop the rest in.

    Contact your photographer ask what they suggest, even if it is just taking some sheets for you and your guests to stand on that can be photoshopped out later and grass put it. Also pick their brains about pretty places nearby for your couple shots.

    A family member of mine got married when the usual photo area at a stately home was being redone and had scaffolding all over it, it wasn't the main house but the rose garden, I know that is part of the reason they got a cheaper than usual deal.

    I know you probably have already done this but escalate it to the owner/manager/head office and I would be shocked if there is not a bit of private garden, you could use that was not fenced off during the festival!

    It is a shame it is so near your wedding or you could name and shame them, I think I would be tempted to ask the venue if they mind if a member of the local press attends?!*

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    I'm so sorry to hear this image I don't have any useful suggestions, I'm really sorry - but I just wanted to let you know I sympathise with you image xx

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