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Post wedding blues

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I am recently married... 24.05.14 we had the most amazing day of our lives, absolutely perfect! However I have cried everyday since, is This normal? i feel quite lost... And really emotional. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this?


thanks x


  • Peony2014Peony2014 Posts: 9

    Do you think its because the planning is over, and you've been so used to it? how long were you planning your wedding for?

    Maybe you just need something else to look forward to perhaps? like a holiday. Perhaps think of another project to work on image i got married on the 17th May 2014, and must admit, its awfully strange not having the wedding to think about anymore. 


  • It is perfectly normal; I've seen some very similar posts on here. I full expected to get post wedding blues myself, but I haven't. I'd go back and do the whole thing again if I could, but equally I'm quite content. I was very distracted by photos and honeymoon-booking. There are some great groupon deals for photo books, then you can design albums with photos from your guests if the main pics haven't come through yet. Do all your name change stuff (Assuming you're changing it). It makes it all seem real and different. 

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    I have felt a bit down but that's cause the day wasn't perfect for me, everyone else loved it! In the end I explained my feelings to my hubby and he suggested a 15 years together party, which is in 3.5 years time, and reminded me the honeymoon we won has an option to renew your vows, we have also made initial first anniversary plans.

    There's so much post wedding stuff to sort, I am actually fed up of wedding stuff! Getting pictures off guests, selling wedding stuff, picking pictures for our official album, vetting the video guestbook videos, thank you cards, also works been very busy. I am leaving the name change stuff for now, want to move my current surname to a middle name so need to do it by deed poll.

    Pick another project to do or learn a new skill? A family member has a big birthday coming up other family members who live nearer to them have made plans, I am planning on doing a photo book. Also I have craft stuff I brought for the wedding and didn't us so want to make some pretty things image shallow yes but I don't care I love crafting but rarely get the opportunity.

     By the way I got married at the start of May. Your reaction is normal, for me after I talked to my hubby I realised I had to get on with our future rather than dwelling on the day, and in my case what I would change. 

  • I'd agree, herstory. Most of the occurrences of post wedding blues I've read have been when the day hasn't gone perfectly. Completely understandable if you've spent so long planning and expected it to turn out a certain way. I'm sorry yours wasn't what you wanted.  My husband was worried that our day wouldn't go as planned and that I'd get really upset. I tried to tell him I wouldn't be too bothered but who knows how I'd have felt. 

    I think you're absolutely right about focusing on your future. 

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    I also get how you can get the blues if it was perfect, planning a wedding can consume so much if your time post wedding you don't know what to do with yourself.

    I think due to my job I am used to putting a lot of energy into something then it's done and until the next challenge comes along you feel a bit lost / bored, my coping mechanism at work is generally to find something new to learn if I can get a new qualification, yes I do the study in my own time but it helps keep my brain working rather than going into a holding pattern. I am happiest when I am learning or doing new stuff on a regular basis.


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