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Moving country (within UK) straight after wedding!

So, my fiancee and I get married on 16 August this year. Yesterday she was offered, and accepted, a job in Swansea, and my work agreed to let me move and keep my job working remotely. This is great news after years of job instability for OH, but - the job starts at the beginning of September, meaning we'll be moving straight after the wedding.

How am I going to cope with finding a flat to rent, packing up our flat, planning and doing our wedding, and moving somewhere I've never even been anywhere near before, without freaking out? I love where we live at the moment in Cullercoats, and our wedding venues are either side of our house's location on the stretch of coast. I feel like I'm going to end up an emotional wreck, waving goodbye to the coastline I love! There just doesn't feel like enough time either - ten weeks til the wedding and about the same til we move I suppose.

Has anyone else done something like this? I'm so panicked that we might not find somewhere to rent, that my fiancee will crash the van we hire on the way down there (I don't drive, dad died in a car accident and can't get past the fear), that our two guinea pigs won't cope with being in a van with us for 6 and a half hours plus, that I'll be so busy packing I won't have time to shave my legs or brush my hair for the wedding.

Yours in anxiety!


  • Well I live in swansea, PM me if you want any info on places your thinking of renting x

  • amyeamye Posts: 168

    Ah thanks Little white daisy, that's really nice - I will do when we get looking I reckon image x

  • LollybearLollybear Posts: 548

    not after the wedding but when we decided to move in together we bought a house in an area neither of us knew. The day after we put the offer in my oh was told he was leaving for Afghanistan in two weeks! I did all the legal stuff and negotiations, rewired, replumbed and generally renovated the house, lost my job and found a new one in the seven months he was away. 

    I won't lie it was a very stressful time. We got engaged then too and he disapered right away so I did a little wedding planning at the time too. but it was the best thing I have ever done! 

    I guess what I am trying to say is it may seem stressful to start with but sometimes these things are. The worry won't last for ever so try and look tp the positives. And the South Wales Coast is pretty stunning! 

  • amyeamye Posts: 168

    Thanks Lollybear. Yes it looks lovely down there, very happy to still be on a coastline - love the sea, so that's a big plus. 

    I bet that must have been stressful - but you came out the other side, so that's great image

    Maybe the extra stress will shift these last 7lbs or so before the wedding tooimage

  • Rcl-09Rcl-09 Posts: 49

    I don't have experience of moving like this, and it does sound like it might be hard at the time, but I'm from Swansea too and just wanted to let you know that we have some really beautiful beaches & countryside - if your a fan of the sea then they might make you feel a little bit better once you get here image good luck xx

  • Sapphire18Sapphire18 Posts: 72

    It will be ok. The key is just be really organised about your packing (loads of advice online about organising a house move efficiently). The wedding stuff will all be planned in advance so needn't impact on the moving itself.

    I am in the North East and am from South Wales. I can tell you the Welsh are similar to North Easterners in that they are really friendly and down to earth, plus there are beautiful beaches down there so you will feel at home going from Cullercoats. If you need details of a cheap man with a van up here try 'Gear Shift' - (they can do long distance removals and got the whole of my 2 bed flat into one van load).

  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    We are going to be moving the week before or the week after our wedding (has to be during the summer holidays really) so understand where you are coming from. We do not know the area well, have only just booked an appointment to start looking image Hopefully it will be less stressful than last time as the move was just under two hours away. Its an exciting new start for you both image

  • amyeamye Posts: 168

    Thanks so much Sapphire18 - and that's really lovely to know. (And thanks for the van tip). V pleased to hear about similar temperaments image


    And image - thanks, it is exciting - I keep getting waves of excitement then panic! x

  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    Just wanted to say I'm also from Swansea, and you won't be disappointed with the coastline down here image

  • CakeybrideCakeybride Posts: 279

    I'm from swansea too and you will LOVE the gower if you love the Sea image

    i cant imagine how hard it must be for you to pick your life up and move.. But the people here are really lovely... im sure you and your future wife will be very happy here Hun. Xx

  • amyeamye Posts: 168

    Thank you both image I've been looking at lots of pics and it does look lovely - trying to get hold of an estate agents at the moment as we've seen a flat available 2 days after the wedding that looks lovely and want to nab it. Fingers crossed...!

  • CakeybrideCakeybride Posts: 279

    What area etc is it In Hun perhaps we can advise if it's nice/worth the money etc xx

  • amyeamye Posts: 168

    It's in Mumbles, Overland Road - it's a bit more than we pay now but I'll be working from home so we're happy to pay a bit more image Thank you! xx


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