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Bridesmaids argh! Do I sack them?!

Sorry another bridesmaid one!

I'm so cross!! My bridesmaids live all over the country so we had to look for dresses online, and only 2 of 5 helped out with this, and the others barely replied even when asking for their dress sizes. They are all busy working etc, and of course I know my wedding is not the most important thing in their lives (!!) so I tried to cut them a bit of slack, but after a two months of this I started to feel let down and frustrated. I asked them to go to try them on in their local stores - none except my MoH did. It sounds a bit silly me writing it here but you know what it's like when it drags on for months irritating you! Also, making things more complicated my MoH is going to be 8 months pregnant! But that's obviously a good thing and she has been more helpful throughout that I could have dreamed.

Then anyway, we finally got 5 dresses ordered at Easter from Coast according to their usual dress size, and I thought we were all sorted... until I go to check the dresses this weekend and realise when my future MIL and aunt took back a dress for my fiancé's cousin for a different size (without telling me), they had taken back the wrong dress! Panic-stricken (and really cross for them doing this without checking with me) I called up all the local stores and they've obviously sold out months ago, so yesterday I got onto the head office and located the only 3 left in the country. I reserved two of them, one to replace the one taken back, and one in case another friend needed to go up a size - because the reason the cousin's got taken back was that she thought it came up small - remember I said no one actually tried theirs on. I then messaged everyone to say we had these dresses reserved for 24 hrs and they needed to try them on. One did this straight away and two promised they would today.

Also, we were supposed to be going for the flower girl's dress this weekend but (again without telling me) my MIL ordered a selection of 6 dresses to try on at home. It was well intentioned however the flower girl and I had already got a short list. None of them fit either because she needs a few years older for her tummy but isn't tall enough. So that will have to be another day together.

THEN I wake up this morning to my MIL saying the cousin had changed her mind and wanted to go back to her original size. FFS!!!!!! She was like 'oh it's ok because you've already reserved those 2' - but they are reserved for different bridesmaids! I said that if the 3rd one was sold, the cousin would have to make do... cue evil glare from MIL!!

Finally those two who promised they would try today have not and the shops will have put the dresses back on their shop floors.

I am sooooooo sick of this. I want to say, that's it, we're just having a MOH. But then it's too late to take the dresses back for a refund. I feel so frustrated and let down. Like loads of other people on here I'm wondering aren't bridesmaids supposed to have your back and make things easier?!



  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    Oh I feel so bad! I wish I could say something helpful! Unfortunately people can be useless and it's frustrating that they don't realise these things need done due to time frames, cost etc

    keep venting on here x

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