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Down in the dumps/ lost motivation

ahhh I just want to cry. Was really excited to get married and wanted everything to be perfect but now I seem to have lost interest! Don't get me wrong absoloutely love my mr and want to marry him but I feel like I can't be bothered with anything. 

We are getting married next May so I have less then a year to go. I was doing really well with the diet and lost two stone now I just can't stop eating. I'm sitting here typing this now and want to go and eat chocolate!!! Never snack after dinner, last night I was stuffed but I still went and had a bag of crisps and chocolate Freddo image I really need to get a grip but don't know how?!!! I want to look amazing on my wedding day and I know I have lots of weight to loose to do that. 

i am really emotional at the mo about my aunt though. She was always one who would be there in Cuba with us without fail but  in feb we found out she has kidney cancer and it's been really tough over the last few months. She's had one kidney removed but ita spread. I went to see her the other day and she looked terrible image I wasn't quite prepared for it imageimageimage 

she was talking about booking to come with us anyway and just loosing the money if she has too cos she's so desperate to be there with us image 


also so I suppose ar the back of my mind I have the fact that OH will have no family there either after a falling out and his mum just not coming for no decent reason at all image 


what do i do?! I don't know what to do with myself image xx 


  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743

    Sorry to hear your feelin so down. I would say take a month or two out of weddin planning. I think ppl get so excited too early pretty much everyone has a dip of interest in the middle. You still have more than enough time to plan so give ur self a few months to clear ur head and concentrate on lookin after ur auntie

  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    im sorry you are going through a tough time! great on the weight loss (i put on a few stone leading up to the weddin due to stress eating so i feel your pain with the cant stop eating issue) for not eating try to maybe go for a walk or cycle? ask ur mr to come for walks etc with you to keep you motivated, aslo u dont eat when you are walking. it means if you do crave choc after a walk its not as bad

    as for your aunt thats terrible news! i hate to say but if she isnt recovering well then how about you have a blessing narer to home that she can come to? at a nice park or beach then a nice meal? i hate to be a pessimist but if she doesnt make it to next year it will be devastating to you, so maybe having a mini pre-wedding might be an option? not saying you have to go buy a big dress now but mayeb a cheap second hand one or nice white summer dress to wear? it wouldnt lessen your real wedding but it would be a cherished memory for you and your aunt.

    it also gives ur something else to plan before cuba

  • MrsTaylorMrsTaylor Posts: 500

    It sounds like you have a lot to contend with, so it's understandable that you can't hype yourself up to be excited about your wedding right now, when there's other pressing family things going on.

    You still have a while to go yet, so when you need that enthusiasm, it will come back! I've only been planning my wedding since November last year, and in that time I've felt like a rollercoaster. Some days I can't get enough of wedding stuff, some days I don't want anything to do with it and feel down in the dumps, as we have family stuff going on too.

    However, with 6 1/2 weeks left to go, we're just in full on excitment mode, so you will get that enthusiasm back image

  • PopsyxxPopsyxx Posts: 1,009

    hi ladies thanks for replying.


    i really do hope i get my excitment back. i am going to take your advice weddin crazy and will take a little time out from planning. 

    we are having a reception back home after the wedding, but i know it sounds terrible to say- but i really dont think she will make it to then image and the way she is at the moment, shes not even well enough to come out her house. she can only stay awake for about 45mins and in that time she is sat there nodding off and she cant speak because of her medication image its so draining on all the family. ive tried not to let it affect me, but i guess now it has.



    thank you all for your support xxx


    good luck with your wedding mrstaylor2be, bet you are very excited that its not far off  now xxx

  • MrsTaylorMrsTaylor Posts: 500

    Could you maybe have some sort of pre marriage blessing with her present quite soon? That way if the worst happens, she has still been a part of your wedding, and if she does make it to the actual wedding, well then that's fine too image Just a thought image

    Either way though, just try and focus on the here and now. The wedding is still quite a while away, so try and relax and look after yourself first and foremost. Then start worrying about everyone else around you, because like you said, it's really starting to effect you, and your aunt wouldn't want that.

    Any wedding planning you do get done, I'm sure you're aunt would love to hear about if she's always been enthusiastic about Cuba from the start image So little pictures of things you've bought, or keeping her up to date with plans might keep her going when she's feeling so poorly herself atm.

  • PopsyxxPopsyxx Posts: 1,009

    yeah i think we shall arrange something. 

    for our favours we have ordered cancer charity pins with the little card so say we made a donation to cancer research, when i told my aunt she was over the moon! 


    I am starting to feel a little bit better now, probably because i was able to let it all out on here! so thank you very much ladies image xxx

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