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Wedding Planning Nightmare

I'm having an absolute nightmare with my wedding venue! We put a deposit on a venue back in January for our Wedding next May (2015) and since then they've brought out Groupons and Facebook deals! Resulting in a loss of over £5,000! I'm up all night feeling physically sick that a company could get away with this! Please someone give me some advise I am at the end of my tether! image


  • jessrabbitjessrabbit Posts: 38

    Where is your wedding venue? And what kind of deals? One way of looking at it...presumably when you put down the deposit you were happy with the prices and that's what you were expecting to pay. The fact that they've now offered deals is frustrating but I assume it doesn't change the prices you're paying? So it's annoying that you might have saved if you'd waited, but it's not like you're actually any worse off. You could always try asking the venue if they'd honour any of those deals for you, and if they won't budge just remind yourself you were originally happy with the prices you were paying instead of feeling frustrated about it and letting it take the shine off your wedding plans.

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    Would any of the offers have covered your wedding date of choice and package? May is peak time, our venue had offers for weddings up to April they also offer discounts for short noticing weddings, we could have risked not getting the day/date we wanted would have probably saved a couple of grand, but it would have caused a lot of stress and instead of nine months to plan we would have had maybe 3.

    If the offer would cover your wedding date and or package then ask if they would consider reducing the charges or did they say no then ask if there are any extras they can add free of charge.

    I will say one venue we looked at started doing group on offers but when you read the small print your looking at an out of season weekday wedding.

    You ultimately though have to decide if you want to keep or change venues and acknowledge you haven't lost anything you just bought at the peak of the market.....okay 5k is a lot but our flats worth about 40k less than when we bought it!

    Ask you venue then based on their reaction make a decision, try not to dwell on any what ifs, it will only get you down.

  • My wedding venue also offered groupon deals (we saw this and it got us interested in checking them out). 

    However, the groupon deal- while a fantastic price- is missing out a lot of the things we are taking advantage of. Without knowing your groupon deal, don't assume that it's going to be exactly what you're getting. The one my venue were offering was not available on peak months, all the Saturdays were already booked- so it was a lot of weekdays and sundays available, it was for less people, and it had to be used within the year- not enough time in our eyes.

    We didn't go ahead with the groupon deal, although the venue did offer us a good package instead. Groupon deals don't have the flexibility than if you were dealing with the venue and personalising to what you want/need. 

    I know its difficult thinking you missed out on a good deal. But at least you have the luxury of having yours much more in advance than most of the deals offer- resulting in a date that you wanted (presumably). Would you have been happy with getting it cheap but having to rush through plans to suit a wedding in 6 months time in a season you dont want? 

    Again, I'm making a lot of guesses as to what the deals are like but I am an avid reader of the terms and conditions of the deals as a lot of the time they don't seem as good as they first seem xx

  • Hi All,


    Thanks for responding. It's very helpful.


    The package Groupon are offering is Monday to Sunday and is available until June 2015 so covers both our day and more. We visited the venue and their response was "It's like buying a dress and it going on sale the next week". This comeback is very insulting in my eyes even if I do understand the point they are making.

    The manager (over the phone) also added that the Groupon deal would mean they are only making £900 on the package therefore practically losing money! This to me is just another sales tactic.


    More package detail:

    The package is not as good as the one we have originally purchased as it is for less guests but, after a lot of research and number crunching we would still be better off using the groupon and adding the extras.



  • MrsNoelMrsNoel Posts: 486

    I don't really get this post if I'm honest - are you saying they should have refused your booking and said wait, there's a Groupon coming up? presumably you signed on the dotted line because it seemed like a fair deal at the time. Sure, it's one of those oh, how typical moments but it's hardly a nightmare. 

  • MissP4nowMissP4now Posts: 166

    It's a shame this has happened but if they quoted you a price that you were happy with and you agreed to pay it then you haven't lost any money at all you just missed out on saving money. I would be incredibly annoyed if it happened to me but it is just one of those you take a risk when booking/buying expensive things.

  • LeaMarieLeaMarie Posts: 723

    Highly frustrating, but the venue is not at fault by any means. They are not 'getting away' with anything. They are within their right to conduct promotional offers at any time, and they do not have to honour it for people that have already signed their terms of service and costs previously. 

    I do appreciate that it is frustrating and that you could have saved a fair few pennies, but in the politest possible way, you have no right to actually be upset or angry at them, or yourself! 

    Try not to let it get to you too much, otherwise you'll end up ruining your feeling for the whole wedding.

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