How did you feel the day before you married?

Just needing a bit of advise really..? 

I get married Saturday and I feel nothing. It's like a calm, "can't quite get my head around the whole thing" type of feeling. I feel like I should be nervous, but I'm not. I feel like I should be massively excited, but I'm not. And I don't know whether that is because I've still got a few things to do or because I have only just finished work and I can't quite believe it is happening?? 

I have no feeling of dread or a desire to back out - I adore him, I am just so used to seeing such extreme emotions from people getting married before and I'm feeling none of it. Just a sense of "ok, I get married saturday" .. Is that odd?? 


  • KK12KK12 Posts: 927

    Nope not odd - it's probably not hit you fully that you're getting married tomorrow! The day before my wedding , we were running around buying some little minute stuff, I had a tanning treatment then it was time to pack everything for the hotel we were staying in overnight so I had to concentrate on that to make sure we didn't forget anything!

    I was excited but not over excited, just happy - as time went on during the day and when we got to the venue to drop off some of our decor, it really started to ram home that the big day was fast approaching!

    Being calm is good at the moment and you will probably get more excited as today progresses and then be more and more excited tomorrow so just enjoy feeling calm now!!! xx

  • MrsE2be2014MrsE2be2014 Posts: 1,458

    I think your friend got married in May and said the day before and day of the wedding she and the groom were sooo relaxed which meant they were able to take absolutely everything in and enjoy the build up and day x

  • Mrs CashMrs Cash Posts: 209

    My best friend was very chilled the day before she got married, it was lovely because she could sit back, relax and enjoy everything. Have a wonderful day tomorrow and dont worry about how you think you should be feeling and enjoy your wedding dayimage X

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    Much better to be relaxed and calm than stressing out image I think if you've planned it all for so long, it's a bit weird to think it's really happening, and really there's no need to be worried because you know it's allgoing to go brilliantly!

    I was really chilled, we were abroad so I spent most of the day relaxing by the pool and  then had my hair trial (that was the only thing I was annoyed about, I wanted that earlier, but it wasn't an issue in the end)

  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    i was super relaxed the few days before and the day of the wedding it like it was all a dream or just too surreal for me everyone esle was panicking and i just sort of done my own thing and told everyone to chill. at this stage u cant really change anything so no point in getting urself stressed over nothing and as for the excitment it might just take a while to sink in for you?!

  • I was totally calm too.  That's just my personality most of the time anyway. I was excited, but not over the top, just more a feeling like "it's time."  That's how I felt the week before, the day before, and the day of. And the day after. I was just happy and had a calmness. Honestly, I think I was also a little relieved that the planning (and money spending) was over.  We had a lot of problems with various things during planning and I was glad to see that stress end.  

  • I was really calm the day before my wedding, it still didn't feel real. The morning of my wedding i was still really calm, everyone was commenting on how calm I was it still didn't feel like i was getting married right up until the time I was walking down the aisle and then it hit me. 

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