Venue ignoring my emails/calls!

Hi ladies, just after a bit of advice. We've been "pencilled in" at a venue I love and that took 6 months to find, however we've had nothing from them in terms of quote or any follow up.

Basically went to view it 5 weeks ago, then contacted the day after to informally book the date were after, fine. was told they'd get the quote to us as soon as possible. Two weeks late heard nothing (and one follow up email in between), so I called and she said she'd get it to me the next week. 2 weeks later still nothing. Fiancée emailed, then 1 week later still nothing.

i don't know if I'm over reacting here, but I want to receive a quote to see how much I'm going to be paying! And im getting worried that the planning of the wedding might also be a bit hap hazard?? On the other hand they are a small family run business and the lady has a small child, plus it's august and they've had a few weddings the past couple of weekends.

not sure whether im being a bit unrealistic and to be patient and stick with it... Or maybe I need to start looking elsewhere?!

can anyone tell me if they have experienced similar?

thank you!


  • If it were me I would go to the venue and voice my concerns, there may be a legitimate reason as to why it is all taking so long and why communication has been so poor 

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    To be honest it would worry me that if you are having this much stress trying to get a quote, how much of additional stress will you have trying to get your wedding organised if this lady doesn't respond to your calls or emails. I think I would continue to look at other options in the meantime image

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    Sorry I don't know why that posted a smile face!

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    You're not over reacting - you need your venue to be organised, and if they can't even get a quote to you in a timely fashion that's a bit be honest I would have been a bit unhappy about not getting one while I was there.

    For comparison, my venue have never taken more than a day to reply to any of my emails.

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    That is a long time, I think. Probably best to call or email and explain your concern, and check if they think that things are still ok. You need to have a quote pretty quickly - that's not unreasonable!

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    I had this exact same problem with our initial venue. We informally said that we would like to have it there, pending quotes and discussing details etc then I came home, sent an email straight away asking them to send cost details, example menus etc. I received an email saying that they would send them to me asap. Didn't receive anything so I sent 2-3 reminder emails. Nothing. I didn't hear from them for 3 months so I started looking elsewhere, found a place I loved. Then I found out that the guy from the first place had told a friend of mine that I was having my wedding there (don't think it's really his place to tell people even if he had been replying to me, I hadn't told anyone where I was having it yet). I went over (I'm getting married in my hometown in Italy, I now live in the UK) and despite this guy still saying that he wanted to do my wedding (although still without giving me any information) I was warned by friends of his that he is talking about leaving our town and moving abroad between now and the wedding!

    Needless to say the second place is booked and I couldn't be happier about it!

    I think that if they aren't getting back to you now when they should be falling over backwards to get your business, then it doesn't really say much for how they might be further down the line. Like Little Jules says, maybe give them a call in case they have a decent explanation, also try having a look for reviews of them online if you can. If any more alarm bells go off then listen to them.

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    I called a local venue when we were initially searching. All I wanted was a brochure and a quote for 50 guests. After 3 phone calls leaving my number, address, and email I got nothing, decision was made that if they couldn't do that I couldn't trust them with my wedding. I hope you get things sorted x

  • I'm afraid I have to agree with everyone else. If they are taking this long to get back to you now imagine what it would be like a few days before the wedding if you needed something confirmed/changed?

    It really is a weight off your shoulders knowing the venue is really organised and things will run smoothly on the day.

    If you really have your heart set on the venue I would make an appointment to see the manager and voice your concerns. Good luck


  • Thanks for the advice everyone. I think you're right and I could definitely do without this kind of stress nearer the time! I think we'll wait until my fiancé gets back from working offshore and if we haven't heard anything by then then we'll have to start looking again image

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    Fingers crossed for you! If it doesn't work out the way you hope don't let it get you down. We thought we had literally seen everywhere that was possible, until we we forced to start looking again and ended up finding a number of places that were even better than the first. The place we've ended up with is absolutely perfect so us so it was actually a blessing in disguise!

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    I agree with everyone else, in work I arrange a lot of big events and I wouldn't use a venue or any supplier that didn't come back to me within a reasonable time and gave decent customer service, especially when you're looking for a quote!

    It's a shame but I wouldn't give them your business if they can't be organised enough to get back to you, their circumstances (family/other events/holidays) are irrelevant I'm afraid, it's very unprofessional

  • This would send massive ALARM BELLS. If they can't get their act together now what are they going to be like closer to the wedding? I would start looking elsewhere just to be on the safe side.  

    I got in touch with a venue to arrange a viewing and no one had the decency to get back to me. I didn't even chase them. I decided I wasn't going to give thousands of pounds to people who are either so disorganised they lose your contact details or literally just don't care enough to provide a decent service.  

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    Ask them why they havn't got back to you and tell them you have concerns about their customer service!

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    I had this sort of thing happen with our initial venue - had to keep chasing them up after our initial informal meeting and then eventually had another meeting about nothing that hadn't already been discussed in person from our initial meeting and subsequent emails but we still went ahead and asked for a quote which took weeks to arrive.

    We decided to take our business elsewhere and looked at other venues and fortunately found one which worked out even better for us - the initial venue never even chased us up about the quote!

    I would definitely start to look elsewhere!

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