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Help anyone else have problems with an eternity brides dress

Well ladies what can i say but help well actually actually i'm after reassurance from anyone who has had the same problem.

Ordered by beautiful dress and it arrived safe and sound, tried it on at shop, looked great but my mum wasnt overly happy with a few things like the way some of the material was sitting, shop said it was there fault for steaming the dress and putting it in the bag maybe slightly damp.

Brought it home and hung it up unbeknown to me my Mum took it out of the bag and hung it up, we went away for a week when she came home, the creases had not dropped out of it and she wasnt happy.

mum phoned the shop and took it back to compare against the shop one and low and behold its different material, the pleats are in different places its a total mess.

Shop called eternity brides who without any fight have agreed to collect and make me a new one

Has anyone had this? did the second attempt come out ok?

I'm paranoid as shop have now sold the one they have in stock albeit wrong size for me and its not been removed from eternity bridal collection so its of collection

Can anyone restore my faith in eternity brides wedding dresses



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