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So feeling a bit stressed this week about weddingy things. We are having our evening reception on a paddle boat on the Norfolk Broads and we had booked a local company to do us our evening catering- pulled pork rolls, our favourite! When we booked them, way back in Feb, they were really excited about our plans but did say they needed to check the space available on the boat- they were worried that the one area on the boat they could set up and conform to the health and safety regs wouldn't be big enough for them and their gear. It was left that they would take a trip to the boat and check it all out and then come back to us asap. We chased them in about May time, and they admitted they'd be very busy and it may be "a few weeks" before they could get over there. We said don't worry, as long as we know by the summer in case we need to make other arrangements. We never heard any more, and so gave them a call on Monday to see if they'd managed to get up to the boat yet. I didn't want to be too pushy, I'm aware that our wedding isn't until next May, but equally we are now starting to think of prepping the wording on the invites, so need to think about the wording about menus/ dietary requirements etc. When I called up I was met with the response "oh, we were just talking about you, and how we need to get up to the boat this week" (is this a line, or genuine I wonder?). Again, I didn't want to be too pushy, but explained that we didn't want to leave it too late to find another supplier in the sad event that they couldn't fit onto the boat. She promised me she would be in touch by the end of the week. Guess what, we've not heard anything. Now my heart is saying, come one, we're paying you, this isn't good enough, but on the other hand I'm worried I'm over reacting and should leave it another couple of weeks and re contact? Trouble is, we both really love their food- it's unique, tasty, great value and they're lovely people and we really had our hearts set on using them (if they could fit on the boat)

  Me and HB2B both regularly have deal with wedding bookings for our music duo and therefore are used to conducting ourselves in a professional manner in order to make a living! If someone contacted us for music for their wedding and we behaved like this we wouldn't get the booking. Simple as. It's frustrating me that I feel bad for perhaps coming across pushy, but then again why shouldn't i? I'm paying this time, not the other way round! Is it too much to expect to be treated the way we would treat a client??    Sorry for the rant, would love some opinions if possible?  Ta x 


  • I quite agree that it doesn't seem professional.  I would be very honest and say, look... we need to know by such a date - either way!

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    We've now heard - they've bowed out  unfortunately but at least we now know! So back to the drawing board

    thanks for your reply  image x

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