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Less than 6 weeks to go & I have glandular fever!!

Hi ladies,

Sorry but I just need a little moan as I am feeling sorry for myself! Me & my wonderful h2b get married on 26th September (39 days!!) On our 11th anniversary! We have been planning the wedding for 2 years and last week I finally went yo the des after feeling shit for 2 weeks & they have diagnosed me having glandular fever image It has really wiped me out, I feel like I've been hit by a bus & am almost constantly sleeping. Due to rubbish sick pay at work I had 2& 1/2 days off last week but can't afford to have any more time off! & obviously it is my busiest time at work this week & next!!

Everybody keeps telling me they know someone who has had this and it took them 2 or 3 months (!!) To get over it, but I don't have that time, I get married in 39 days & still have quite a lot of diy & things to organise & because I'm poorly my skin is the worst it has Bern for years!!

Sorry to moan, It's just I have been waiting for this day for so long & really wanted to enjoy doing everything & the run up! Does anyone have any tips for getting over glandular fever apart from resting??



  • Hi, I really feel for you! I was diagnosed with Glandular Fever while doing my a levels and was told it could stick in my system for many many years-I'm now 30 and sometimes it still hits me! However try and get as much rest as you can (I know it's hard) plenty of fresh fruit and veg and multivitamins if poss just to keep your immune system up. Theres not a huge amount you can do but that should help some. Hope you feel a bit better soon and congratulations-I'm sure your day will be fab x x 

  • SarahL1408SarahL1408 Posts: 154

    Oh no!  I get married on 27 September so we have similar times to go! 

    I have had glandular fever (3 years ago now) and know how rubbish it can make you feel - that said, I did not get it too badly and know I was quite lucky.  I actually felt better after a couple of weeks (I worked through it to except for a few days) so fingers crossed you will soon start to feel better.  I did get bouts of it back for many years but no where near as bad of the first one. 

    Just try and make sure you get a good nights sleep every night and keep eating well.  You will feel better before you know it.  You always hear horror stories about glandular fever and I didn't actually know I had it until about a year later.  You still have five weeks and by that time I am convinced you will feel better. 

    Keep smiling ... it will be your wedding soon! image


  • LucyLu81LucyLu81 Posts: 79

    I'm a 27th Sept bride too! I had glandular fever during my GCSE's but managed to shake most of it off within 2-3 weeks, with only a week or so when I wasn't capable of doing anything. As the others say, you really do need to get your rest in now - can you ask someone else to help out With all the things you have left to do? And I don't know what you do for a job & your money situation, but are you sure you can't sacrifice a few more days pay to be off sick? Yes you're losing out on money but if a few days are all it takes to get over the worst of it, is it not worth taking that hit for good health on your wedding day (look at it the other way - if you're still ill on your wedding day & can't make the most of it, will you still be glad you had that extra money from being in work??). I hope you're feeling better soon. X

  • Letty LouLetty Lou Posts: 219

    Thank you all, my h2b & I have decided to put our honeymoon back from when we planned to go in Dec to Feb next year meaning I have some more holidays to play with so I have spoke to my manager & she has covered my work & I am taking some holidays & get some more rest & plenty of cuddles with my puppy! Thank you again xx

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