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Build up to wedding stress worried I'm turning into bridezilla!!

Hi I thought I was a chilled-ish bride but yesterday has just tipped me over the edge and i cried for first time! My step dad and mum separated 3.5 yrs ago on very bad terms. My step dad continues to make snide comments about my mum and when I told him that my real dad was giving me away he turned it all around on my mum blaming her when she has nothing to do with it. So that set the tone for the day! Went for my dress fitting and the seamstress was awful no people skills and basically tutted when I said I wanted dress fitted to my waist as that's what attracted me to the dress and I don't want to lose the shape. I'm also freaking out a bit as she pinned it and when looking at the pica the dress doesn't flow the same as it did. My mum said this is natural as it's first fit and will look completely different when alterations made. Has anyone else experienced this dress wobble when they went for a fitting?

on a separate note I also got told yesterday that the hair dresser for the bridesmaids can't do their hair with 6 weeks to go!! That tipped me over the edge. I'm hoping that this is just a wobble and I haven't turned into a diva!  Any advise would be great xx


  • I bawled my eyes out when out photographer cancelled with over a year to go so don't worry tears are natural!! In regards to your dress, my best friend had issues where the seamstress took it in too much and she couldn't breathe at her last fitting, luckily it was fixed and looked perfect, just make sure you relay you're worries to her and as for your stepdad just ignore and let it go over your head-easier said than done trust me I know but you'll become quite tranquil lol x x 

  • Aren't family just a nightmare?! My sister (who was my MOH but isnt anymore) has done nothing but cause trouble since we set a date, she complains about everything, anyone would think it was her wedding!..  Im actually dreading my wedding day and i shouldn't be.

    My new MOH is a star though, just a shame her and my mum and sis dont get on image

    Im stressed to high heaven and ive still got 11mths to go.. Hope you manage to get things smoothed out though hun x


  • Oh and nothing wrong with being a bridezilla, think im gonna end up one too! image x


  • thanks for the replhe's ladies! Family dynamics are a nightmare! I've tried my best to take into account everyone else even emailing the wedding planner to ask the hotel to make sure they are not staying on same floor at hotel and spent hours on seating plans to make sure everyone is happy. Now I'm at the stage where I'm sick of the bickering and want to scream it's not about you lot I'm getting married it's about me and my partner! But then feel like I'm being a brat!!

    i think I need to work on my confidence and just tell the seamstress straight. Is it normal to not like ithe dress as much when they have pinned it all? My mum keeps sayin it will look totally different when it's been fitted. I don't know weddings eh?!? X  

  • Jules10Jules10 Posts: 128

    I didnt want to read and run, but wanted to reassure you that i think most people get a dress wobble during the fitting, esp the first one. mine has been re-beaded as its quite big so at every fitting i have to ask if the beads will re reattached exactly as before, if the low back is going to stay low and not be altered, if the armpits are going to be widened (they are narrow because the sides have been taken in, but the seamstress says now the sides are done the armpits will be readjusted) etc i think its better to ask for reassurance than worry yourself. it is so hard to see the finished dress until it is exactly that, finished. maybe ask for some extra appointments so you can see it soon? i had a month between fittings but had a panic about the beads so had another one inbetween and i feel so much better just seeing it again... sorry im rambling on but please dont worry about your dress it will look amazing once its fitted exactly for you xxx

  • Your not being a brat, sometimes you gotta put your foot down and tell people straight, im getting to that point myself seriously.. 

    Its yours and your fiance's day no-one elses, If your family cant put their differences aside for one day then they aren't thinking about your feelings, they are thinking about themselves and thats not right... TIME TO LET THAT BRIDEZILLA OUT!!! lol x

  • I don't think you are being a bridezilla for being stressed about things that have gone wrong, things that you are worried about, or family issues. If we made up a definition for "bridezilla," I don't think you would qualify. I think a bridezilla is more a bride that makes up ludicrous demands and behaves like a spoiled child with no regard for anyone else. I don't think it's "ludicrous" to want your family to get along (at least for your sake in wedding related matters), for your stylist to keep her contract, or for your seamstress to have better communication skills!

    I saw an episode of the show "Bridezilla" once when the bride made her maids take cans of spray paint and attempt to paint the Texas-sun parched front lawn of their gigantic church a "prettier" shade of green.  Now there's a bridezilla!  Hope that made you laugh a bit.

  • Lol Katemarried3 that programme is funny, u just wanna slap em sometimes!

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