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Feeling stressed and gaining weight

I'm just needing a bit of a rant about this. After getting engaged managed to lose over 1.5 stone and I still wanted to loose another stone. I had gotten to the stage where I felt really good about myself and felt like I could wear what I liked and looked good, a feeling I haven't had in years!

I'm a teacher in one of the poorest areas in Europe where there are a lot of social problems so I have always taught challenging children but this year I have been given the most challenging class I have ever faced. A teacher has left the school after being physically assaulted and another has left teaching altogether due to having to teach this class. It's incredibly hard work but I feel like I am just about managing day-to-day. The thing is, at the end of each day I am KNACKERED, physically and mentally! But because of the behaviour and learning needs of this class, I need to be prepared up to my eyeballs and everything needs to be tailored specifically to them so I can't just borrow plans from other teachers or use lessons I get online without editing them, I have always done this anyway but because of the needs of this class it takes me far longer. As well as this, I've got all the usual paperwork to keep on top of and marking. Every night I come home from school (after already staying late), have my dinner and get back on the computer and keep working til I go to bed.

I have ended up just binging on junk food while I'm working. Literally eating pizzas, huge bags of crisps, big bags of chocolate and cakes all in one night. FI works nightshifts so wasn't noticing at first but he's starting to now. I have ended up putting a stone back on in the last few weeks! I used to have an eating disorder, although I am binging I haven't made myself sick at all yet which is one good thing at least, but eating has always been how I have dealt with stress and I feel like I am just losing control.

I am due to go try on my wedding dress again tomorrow and I am dreading it because I really think I'll feel huge and horrible in it. The wedding is next summer so I have time to lose the weight again, but I don't know how I'll be able to do it with this class and the stress and level of work I have to do with them.



  • If your job is compromising your health, and it sounds like it is, it is time for a new job. This environment doesn't sound good for you, even though I'm sure what you are doing is a noble thing. I'm guessing you are on contract for at least the school year, so there may not be much to be done about the job now, but I would sure work on that for the future. I would definitely try to squeeze in some time for exercise, even if that means the kids get their papers graded a little later than you'd normally like. Something's gotta give, and it shouldn't be your wellbeing. Also, exercise is a great stress reducer, and it sounds like you could use that too! Do yourself a huge favor, and squeak some exercise time in there somewhere. As far as snacking goes, GET RID of all the naughty foods in the house and don't bring more in! Stock up, if you can, on healthy, low-fat/ low-calorie snacks (apples, bananas, low-fat yogurt, etc). If that's all that's in the house, that's all the options you will have. If you don't like how the wedding dress looks tomorrow, look at it as a challenge.  Just like I'm sure you challenge your students, challenge yourself to lose the weight in a healthy manner before next summer.  You can do it, I'm sure of it, because you sound like a person not afraid of hard work and dedication.  I've definitely compromised my health over the years when I was a "workaholic."  Don't do it, no job is worth it.  You sound like a good-hearted person, I wish you the best of luck!

  • moonpiemoonpie Posts: 166

    Thanks Kate.

    You're absolutely right. The thing is I actually love exercising and always have and it's the main way that I had lost weight so far and it really is a great way to let off steam. I think I've just got to make sure that I force myself to fit in the time. Even when I was on holiday I would go running and cycling, it's just been since starting back at school that I've felt stressed which would lead me to binging and I've felt like I can't take a minute to go to the gym or go for a run, although if I did I would probably feel much better!

    I never really have unhealthy food in the house, mainly due to my past as I know if it's there and I have a bad day then it can set me off but I've been actually going out to buy the stuff to binge on then thinking I need to eat it all so there's none left to eat the next day, then it's the same cycle. This weekend I'm going to prep my food for the week and plan in times for exercise, this helped me curb binges in the past especially if I make big batches of comforting but healthy food (likes soups and stews) so it's waiting for me when I get home and I can't be tempted by anything else.

  • My struggle to stay healthy has been with the exercise area of things. I get up early Mon-Fri to work full-time and have an hour commute (by car) each way. My husband has two businesses he runs from the house; I do the bookkeeping for both, plus a bunch of marketing too. His clients were impressed with our marketing, so we actually started a separate marketing company that I am now also trying to grow in my "free time." Plus my husband has 3 young boys and lots of dogs. My own family lives over an hour away and I was very close to them before moving to my husband's house, so I also try to squeeze in time for them. One of my husband's businesses requires tons of travel in fall and winter, and sometimes he needs me along. SO, there have been times I literally trade eating and showering for a bit of sleep, forget about exercise! I can totally appreciate the juggling act!

    I have cut back on some of the travel I used to do with his one business, and have decided to let the housework go a little more than I used to order to go for a jog or a yoga class a few times a week. You're right, I do feel so much better and de-stressed when I do. Not only will it make me "look" better, but I think the de-stressing effect makes me a better spouse too. I so hope you are able to work those elements of a healthy lifestyle in...and I hope that if the opportunity is right, you are able to land safe, constructive, rewarding, and maybe even fun employment!

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    I trained as a teacher but never went on to work in the profession as I found the workload outside of the school day just too much, even at that stage, so I have serious respect for people who can do it!

    Given that it sounds like this class is reknowned for being difficult, would it be possible to speak to your head of dept/year/etc about getting a bit more support with them?

    It definitely sounds like you need to destress, and I'd be focusing on that rather than trying to tackle the eating as a stand alone issue.  Planning everything in advance sounds like a really good idea image  And really, if you plan in half an hour for a run, you'll be so much clearer headed that you'll be more productive anyway image  I also think it'd be a good idea to only keep healthy munchies in the house (I ate a LOT of little rice cracker things in the run up to my wedding - flipping tasty too).

  • moonpiemoonpie Posts: 166

    Thanks Spam.

    I have spoken to my head as when I was given the class he actually said to me, 'we know this is a really challenging class so we will give you plenty of support' but so far I have had none at all. When I tried talking to them about it I was just brushed off.

    BUT, I had some very good news on Friday- I've been offered another job! It was one I was interviewed for ages ago, before the summer holidays, and I assumed that because I didn't hear anything I hadn't got it. I will only be where I am for another month as that's how much notice I need to give. It was a job I really wanted l really wanted as well so I'm very happy!! I will be working with difficult children again but in a very different set up so I know that there will be far more support and I won't be stretching myself to breaking point to make sure that I'm meeting the needs of the kids.

    Part of me also feels terrible for the kids that I'm leaving behind though as I don't know who will get them, I would hate it to be a constant stream of teachers coming in and leaving them, they are hard work but it's the education system that's failing them because they are their teachers aren't getting the support that they need. As hard work as they are, I'm not leaving because of them, I had gone for this job before I knew I would have them. I'm going to spend the next month trying to set them up as best I can for the next teacher so that hopefully they won't come in and then just leave (that has happened a few times in this school due to behaviour). After that I can focus totally on myself and in the meantime, I think knowing that I'm leaving will make me feel less stressed anyway! Feeling much more positive about it all!

    Thanks for the replies!

  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    That's great news image Congratulations on the job, and glad to hear you're feeling more positive!

  • BekhaGBekhaG Posts: 586 New bride

    So happy you got another job is worth your health-i was in your boat all last yr and honestly feel lucky every day now to have escaped. Don't know how I stuck it out like I did.good luck with your new job and wedding planning x

  • moonpiemoonpie Posts: 166

    Thanks Spam and Behka!

    Really, Saam?? I state in my original post that I had an eating disorder and you try peddling a diet plan which involves eating only one meal a day and cutting out two of the major food groups?? Sorry to be so blunt but you must be lacking in either morals or common sense.


  • CG24CG24 Posts: 35


    24grams of sugar per serving? No thanks! 

    I have lost a stone with James duigans clean and lean book, it's just basically cutting all processed crap and refined sugar out of your diet x


  • It is really an annoying situation!I can see you are a teacher that very responsible.I believe you will control the whole thing at last!Don't worry too much!You still have time to lose your weight and handle your work!


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