Wedding disaster in the making 6 days left

Crap guys.  

Really,  I am panicking.  I don't know what to do.  

If you saw my other thread,  you know I had an emergency venue change 7 weeks before my wedding, my parents decided on a divorce a month away from my wedding,  my mother moved a state away three weeks before the wedding,  my pastor canceled 2 weeks before my wedding,  my fiancee forgot to plan the honeymoon,  and now,  6 days before my wedding,  another kicker.  

My photographer just cancelled.  

She broke her wrist and has no help to come instead.  

I am trying so hard to find a replacement, but everyone is asking a pretty penny that I just don't have.  

I just suprised my fiancee with a really expensive wedding ring, and bought myself one too. II bought them so we can have the Rings we love when we get married, and so we can have photos of them on that day.  


And I'm not sure we will even have good photos now.  

I Am so angry and frustrated.  We are just leaking money,  and I make hardly anything, and every time I speak to my mother she just talked about how she is broke too.  

I really don't know how to handle all of this stress.  What kept me floating through all of this other stuff was the fact that at least we would have beautiful. Pictures of the day.  And now,  that's in jeopardy.  

I an just waiting for our car to break down on the way there,  for it to rain,  or for no one to show up.  

It wouldn't make it much worse.  I cried for hours today,  I am just struggling to find some way to cope with all of this.  Does ANYONE have any advice how they got through their wedding dissappintment? 


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    I'm sure if you ring around and explain that you could have at least the ceremony covered by another photographer. Like Sal said your tog must be giving you a full refund of deposit and the money you would have used could be spent on a different tog. 

    I'm not having a tog for the whole day due to budget and again like Sal said you'll probably only have a couple of favourites on display any way. I know it's a huge disappointment and it definitely seems like you are gong through it atm, stay strong and positive and remember that you are marrying the man of your dreams and that's what really counts. Best of luck xx


  • Our photographer has in our contract that if he can't do the day then HE has to find a replacement, not us. Check the stipulations in your contract

  • A friend of mine used a guy who was a band photographer. He would stand at the front/side of stages and take pictures for their websites. His pictures are awesome and really relaxed.

    Someone out there will be begging for their break into wedding photography and you could give them just that. You pay a small fee and they get a portfolio.

    Everyone has great cameras on their phones now too, so be sure to ask everyone to send their photos to a designated dropbox for you to access.

    Fingers crossed for you!

  • Does your photographer not have insurance to cover this? Most decent ones will, and should be part of a network so that people can step in for these eventualities.

  • You will realise once you are married and you have those posh beautiful rings on your fingers and your HUSBAND by your side that none of this worry matters. I had a complete tantrum every day in the week running up to my Wedding, pissing myself off and my in laws! I'd stop worrying, take a deep breath and just enjoy yourself. It's a happy occasion. All the best. 

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    Do you have a website like Gumtree over there? Lots of photographers just starting out offer really good prices on there, or even students. The college suggestion earlier is a good one.

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    Eek this sounds so stressful. I am SURE everything will work out and you'll have an amazing day but sending lots of 'cope' vibes until then!

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