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I get married on Saturday, do any brides who are now married have any suggestions for things I may forget, things you wish someone had told you to make the day easier?

Any suggestions would be gratefully received....I am currently  having a slight panic about my dress at the moment. Went to pick it up on Saturday, the straps were meant to be altered and they still are too loose, there is a click in the dress (not sure if that is the right word but it is like a 6 inch line in the fabric) where they have done the button and loop the stitching has been pulled away at the bottom of the lace up back, and then to top that off the woman fastening it up had cut her finger and got blood on my dress. Hopefully when I pick it up this afternoon they will have fixed it all.

Thanks Zoey xx


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    I get married on Saturday too! The dress will be fine, those women can do wonders. I am not letting myself get panicked until Thursday when I will be off work woohoo!

    Are you excited?

  • I was excited and now the dress thing has put me on a downer a bit. I will be more excited once I have my dress and it is perfect! I can imagine they should be able to fix the issues image

    Have you got everything you need done now?


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    Yep pretty much, just need to sort boxes to take to the caterers on Thursday, finish the table plan (I'm not doing it any earlier as things keep changing!!!) and bits like that. So pretty much organised! What time are you going to pick up your dress?

  • At 4 o'clock. image

    I am not having a table plan, both our families have people that don't talk and it would have been so hard to do one and please everyone! We are having a buffet so shouldn't matter too much! x

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    That's soooooo much easier! Table plans are just another annoyance! 

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    Not long! Let us know how it goes!

  • We didn't do a table plan either - can't see making people sit with people they might not want to...

    As far as the day itself goes, I would give my left arm to be able to go back to my wedding day and have someone assigned to keep things in order. If you don't have a family member who can be that person, they have wedding planners that do just "day-of" services.  I should have hired one.  I SO could have used someone to keep all the vendors on track, take care of the problems I had with some of the vendors, get everyone lined up for the processional for the ceremony, pin flowers on the family members, make sure the room temp was good, etc. Instead, I was running around all day doing these things instead of relaxing and enjoying my day. So that would be my suggestion to you: enlist help and if it's more than one person, make sure each is perfectly clear in who will be managing what.

    Best wishes to you for a wonderful day!

  • I would make sure someone takes responsibilty for passing the guest book round if you have one! I forgot to discuss it with my bridesmaids and so it remained on the gift table with the postbox and pics of me, my husband and our parents on their wedding days! Don't get me wrong some people signed it but no more than a quarter! 

    one thing we did do was after the meal me and husband went to our room for 10 mins just to breathe, freshen up and chat about the day so far without anyone else around. It was so nice just to have that small amount of time to reflect on the day so far and be together. We then returned the room in which we were having the meal and circulated round the tables whilst guests were having tea and coffee.

  • that posted before I finished! I would suggest you designate someone to be close to you whilst the photographs are being taken so that they can round people up for the group shots. Our best man did this for us and was very good, eg when we wanted a photo of us with friends only he walked round with a clear loud voice saying 'friends of the newlyweds please go outside for a group photo', the same with family shots. he managed to get the balance right between bossy and instructive!

    Finally (sorry for ramblings!) if you're having canapés arrange for the venue to save a plate for you and your h2b. We didn't and so had to send the usher to find someone with a canapé tray! 

    But out most of all just enjoy yourself! xx

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    I have two bits of advice, things that I'd change if I could do it again:

    1. Definitely give someone responsibility for telling people where to go during the photos.  I had them all planned out so that we'd get the big group ones done first and then everyone other than immediate family and wedding party could go up to the marquee for their reception drinks while we had more formal photos.  However, I didn't actually give anyone the job of  making sure this would happen...I did tell people on the day "go to the marquee!" but no one was listening...

    2. If you can, I'd really recommend just taking 10 minutes out between the ceremony and reception for just you and your new husband. It's all far more over whelming than you think it's going to be.  Honestly, I didn't enjoy our meal in the slightest - I barely ate a thing, I felt hot and tired and uncomfortable.  Coffee helped a little... After the speeches my hubby was going up to the room to do something or other, and I went up with him.  We just took like 10 minutes to actually speak to each other, and just relax and take in the lovely view from our room.  When we returned to the party I felt a MILLION times better and I had a bloody brilliant night. The bar closed at 1am, my husband eventually dragged me to bed at 4am (much to my dismay!).  Just wish I'd taken that time out earlier on so I could have enjoyed the meal too image

  • Thank you all for your advice, I will assign someone to be in charge of gathering people for pictures, that is a good idea and ill try pry my partner away for some us time!

    The guest book is another good idea, I didn't really think many people would sign it but if it is going around more people are likely to sign it.

    I picked my dress up last night, the issues have been fixed and no sign of the blood now image so I am very happy and can now get excited!

    Zoey xx

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    Yay that's fab about the dress xxx

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    Hey Zoey. We got married a few weeks ago and I'm normally quite a stressy person but the day before the wedding and the day itself I was completely calm and relaxed! Here's a few things I found helped me on the day.

    If you're paying any suppliers in cash (hair/make-up) I'd recommend putting the cash into envelopes a day/two before and then assigning someone to take care of them and give them to the suppliers on the day.

    If there's any people in your family/in-laws that will stress you out try to avoid them as much as you can in the morning and the night before!! The first thing my SIL said to me was ok now don't panic but we've had a huge disaster with the flowergirl dress... the huge disaster turned out to be that the bow had been stitched on badly by the dress shop and you could see the stitches. Hardly a huge disaster!

    I was getting ready at the venue and the bridal suite had a separate sitting room so we used this as the getting ready room and kept the main bedroom shut off on the morning of the wedding. It was great cause I could go in there every now and then just to get a few mins to myself.

    Def take a few mins with your new hubby before the meal.

    If you can take a few mins to take in all the little details that you spend so long planning.

    Have a great day!!

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