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Hi All

Im getting married in August next year and have chosen 4 bridesmaids and a flower girl. One of the bridesmaids is my cousin who i am very close to. I have another cousin who currently lives in Australia and we email quite a bit. I haven't asked her to be a bridesmaid as she lives far away and I thought it would be a lot to ask. Some of my family were shocked I hadn't asked her  but had asked the other one and now I am feeling a little guilty. However now the australian cousin has advised that she is moving over back to England for a year in January. Do i ask her to be a bridesmaid? It would be nice to have her but will she think that she is an afterthought? Im not sure what to do as the girls have all started planning and we have ordered their dresses? My mum keeps saying it will be nice if she was. x


  • If you want her ask her.. i think just tell her you wanted her to be a bridesmaid originally but you either thought it would be too difficult and/or didnt want to put on her with her being so far away.. im sure she'll be happy to be your bridesmaid image

  • I think if you want to ask her, you can say that you didn't think it would be something she'd be able to do when she lived so far away, but now that she will be in the UK you would love her to be a BM too. I think that's totally fine - if that's what you want!

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    As the other 2 ladies said - if you would like her to be bridesmaid ask her and tell her that you didn't think it would be possible with her living so far away! Hopefully she will be thrilled and say yes x

  • Ask her to be your bridesmaid and explain to her why you have not asked her as your bridesmaid,I think she would understand you!

  • I agree - I think she'll be pleased to be asked!


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