Feeling sad

Please help!

feeling sad that my older sister is really showing no interest in our wedding, feels as if she only accepted bridesmaid role out of obligation, doesn't want to go to the hen do, no real involvement - makes me feel sad as she went all out for my younger sister ....

Am i just being overly sensitive?


  • Mrs K!!Mrs K!! Posts: 664

    My older sister is being similary disappointing!  I thought she would be massively excited and happy but isn't it's such a shame!  She isn't your maid of honor?  If not like me you will rely on her more!  Weddings always seem to bring out weird behaviors so best to move forward and surround yourself with those who are happy and excited.  It will be them I fear when they look back that will feel they missed out!

  • Thank you Amy61, she's not my MoH, that's my bestie ... think your advice is sound just so very disappointing.

    Hope your wedding is as stress free as possible image


  • Mrs K!!Mrs K!! Posts: 664

    You're welcome!

    I completely agree but like you my bestie will and is amazing!!  When is your wedding?

    ha I'm hoping for stress free too!  I'm sure it will all sort itself out xx

  • our wedding is September ... how about you?

  • Mrs K!!Mrs K!! Posts: 664

    Ooh exciting ours isn't til October 2016

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    I can totally relate to this, our wedding was the one "noone gave a crap about" thats all I kept saying over & over & it got to a point I thought you know what, its a privilege to be asked to be involved & if they cant see that then tough, there will come a day when they will & it will be too late & theyll have nothing to be thanked for & you will still have the perfect day.  Maybe once it gets a bit closer they will be a bit more interested until then just think of all your hard work & being able to look around on the day knowing you done it all 

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    Oh my older sister is exactly the same, she told me the other day that she doesn't give a sh*t about my wedding. I am going to ask if she even wants to be a bridesmaid anymore. 

  • Mrs K!!Mrs K!! Posts: 664

    So outrageous  MrsB4.

    Honestly I was sooooo excited when my sister got married and was eager to help and look at bits, it was graft to get her to try on dresses and when she came with me to try on potential wedding dresses she sat on her phone the whole time and not a nice comment came out of her mouth!

    so I just decided to do bits with my hilariously excited mum and moh and unless I sit d

  • Mrs K!!Mrs K!! Posts: 664

    Own and think about it then I don't really notice!!

  • mrsbrazilmrsbrazil Posts: 148

    At one of my cousin's weddings a few years back my older sister confided in me that she was disappointed/upset that people younger than her in the family were getting married when she wasn't even close. She was worried about "being left on the shelf". If your sister is older than you but not married herself then it'll most probably just be down to jealousy. And my guess is she'll get over it closer to the big day.

    My mum told me to expect this type of behaviour from my sister, who is 8 years older than me, when I announced I was getting married. My mum was right at first, but she has since got over it and will now talk about it with the plans and her part as bridesmaid. I didn't get too annoyed with her because I remember what she said a few years ago and I think it's the initial shock that she'd been skipped (again) in the 'getting married line'.

  • MrsB4MrsB4 Posts: 135

    Yea i think it is jealously, its so hard though, I want my sister to be excited or at least stop being so negative. I get that she is older but she's never really shown as much interesting in getting married and when we were younger she would even say oh my sister will get married before me!!! lucky my mum is very excited/supportive! 

  • JeshBJeshB Posts: 65

    Very much in your position (was about to write my own post!) so yeah, you're not alone and you definitely shouldn't feel bad for feeling this way!

  • I know exactly how you feel. My future sister in-law got married last year and that's all we heard about, but now were due to get married in April and its like his family can't even be bothered to talk about it. Nobody is even excited, i wanted to go away and get married but we had to have it here for his family and they see it as a chore image

  • I feel exactly the same, however it's not my sister... it's my mum! My dad has been more enthusiastic about our wedding than she has, she's not really shown an interest since we announced our engagement which is a shame! She's refused to discuss any further wedding plans with me, and has told me to discuss them with my Dad instead. I've left her to it for now, but hopefully it'll be alright nearer the time image

  • CheleChele Posts: 27

    imageJust thought Id let you know there must be a lot of us out there feeling the way you do.

    Im getting married for the first time in August this year. No-one seems to be bothered or helping me do anything!
    Im doing every little thing on my own and am now resenting my H2B because of this.

    I have no parents, my sister couldnt care less because shes jealous that shes not married yet, Me and my brother dont talk and my parents might aswell be dead because neither one has spoken to me in years!

    I feel like giving up now. Ive had enough

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