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Hello all,

I am going wedding dress shopping in a couple of weekends time. A friend who is coming now says she needs to bring her three month old baby with her (husband was going to look after the baby but can't now). I really like spending time with her baby but I can just imagine it being a nightmare.

Advice please!


  • Yikes, trying on wedding dresses with a baby?! I remember reading a sign in one shop basically banning small children. I think you should just be honest with your friend and say as much as you love spending time with her and her baby, you don't want the baby there. You can go to another shop with your friend when her husband can look after the baby. 

  • I would definitely check with the shop to see if they allow babies/small children as i know when i was going to try on dresses originally my friend came with me and brought her  2 year old and the shop (very delicately and politely) said that as a rule they don't allow under 5's on the shop floor (unless being held) as they couldn't really have little ones running around, sticky fingers etc on expensive white dresses wasn't really a match,

    This shouldn't be too much of an issue with a 12 week old baby and i would imagine the little one will be in a carry cot/pram and asleep but logistically it might be a bit tricky. I think its lovely that even with a tiny baby she still wants to come be part of your dress choosing experience but i can completely understand your reservation. She also probably still wants to feel like one of the girls.

    Maybe just a gentle conversation with her about logistics of the buggy in the dressing room etc, do another date when her husband can mind the baby with her, i'm sure she was probably looking forward to some grown up time with her girlfriends so it might even work in your favour to suggest it. 

  • BekhaGBekhaG Posts: 586 New bride

    My friend has brought her baby, similar age, to a dress fitting and my hair and makeup trials. All I did beforehand was asked everyone involved if this was OK, which fortunately it was.

    If you personally would prefer not to have the distraction of the baby, which I totally understand, or the shop/ s your going to don't really want or have the space for a baby to come too, suggest re- arranging for when she can come without the baby. I'm sure your friend won't mind.

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