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Another bridesmaid issue

Sorry another problem! I haven't got BM dresses yet, however it was mentioned to me in passing that one of my BM wants to wear the BM dress before the wedding to a formal. My future husband said no way which was my initial thought for two reasons:

1. It could get ruined and jeopardise all the dresses (4 BM) as I'm hoping they'll be the same 

2. Whilst we don't have the same friends we are cousins so the family will see all the pics before the wedding

I am paying for the dress so I can say no way can't I? What would you do?



  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    Erm tell her no way, its for your wedding and that's it! What a cheek!!

  • MrsJRCK2BMrsJRCK2B Posts: 2

    This is crazy! Tell her no way, and just act as though you think she is joking!! X

  • ka5ka5 Posts: 49

    I agree, no way,esp as youre paying for it! If ur worried she might do it can u hold on to the dresses until the day?

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  • Michelle1985Michelle1985 Posts: 205

    If you are paying for the dress then I would absolutely say no way! I would also make sure she doesn't get here hands on the dress until the wedding day. 




  • Bluebell85Bluebell85 Posts: 10

    Thanks for your replies, I was seriously starting to doubt my initial thought of no way but you have all made me feel sane again!! If it comes up again I will laugh it off and make sure I have the dresses firmly in my possession til W day! Sooooo many Issues! That's it no more nice bride lol (half joking)!

  • Michelle1985Michelle1985 Posts: 205

    No you're definitely the sane one - it's her that's crazy lol!

    I mean if she was going out for her birthday would she expect you to pay for her a new dress?!

    You are buying her that dress because it is your wedding and as a bridesmaid I wouldn't even assume that I was keeping the dress after the event let alone wearing it before!

  • Little JulesLittle Jules Posts: 1,538

    Definitely reasonable to say no, particularly as you are paying for it, but even if you weren't!

  • SaxylydzSaxylydz Posts: 328

    Wow - as all the others have said - no way can she wear it before the wedding! 

    What a bizarre thing to request to do!! 


  • Jomc11Jomc11 Posts: 484

    Omg!! You’re having a wee time of it with the maids aren’t you! Tell her to beat it!! That’s very disrespectful & rude that she would even consider that, yes make sure you keep the dresses, I never let mine take theirs I kept them all as I had an inkling a certain bridesmaid would want to show it off to people & no way was that happening

  • Claire121Claire121 Posts: 113 New bride

    No, she shouldn't be wearing it beforehand. How odd to request that!

    Don't give her the dress before the wedding - problem solved!

  • Nat 1479Nat 1479 Posts: 145

    You're paying. Your rules!

  • Elle89Elle89 Posts: 3

    This is so rude! Tell her no you don't want it to be worn before the wedding, do not give her the dress! What a cheek!

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