Sis in law to be is a nightmare!!!!


So my sil to be and me and my htb are not close. We only see each other Xmas. She didn't even thank us or acknowledge our save the date or invitation. 


Now ow seven weeks before our day she rigs and asks if her bf can come. She's always got a different one and we don't even know his name! So we said no it's only 80 people and it's all booked. We said he can come in the night.

that's not good enough for her though. She's showing off and my poor htb has told her he's not changing his mind and it's only two hours and he will be there. She will be on a table with her brother son and nephew so she won't be alone. 

ow now my h2b comes home upset cause she's still going on. She said she's had issues since we got engaged (two years ago!?) she thought she'd be bridesmaid (when we told her we were getting married she said she's not wearing a "f-ing" dress. We're not close and why would I ask her!?) the. She said she's not well and has cancerous cells in her womb and is really Ill!?!?!?!

then she said she isn't sure if she will come to the day so my htb said she's got 24hrs to decide cause we're getting our table plan printed tomorrow. I feel like saying she can't come at all but I know that'll upset htb. We're arguing now because I got mad and said she's a spiky brat. He agrees but told me to just be quiet and let him handle it. I'm only angry because I don't want him to be upset by his brat of a sister. He says if she says she's only coming to the night then he's not inviting her at all. 


My my father just upped and left three years ago and doesn't know I'm getting married and I'm trying to not think about it and get upset then I've got her bening a brat saying she'll be alone - I feel like screaming at her to get some bloody perspective. I know it's awful but I'm not even sure she's unwell either I think she's just trying to get sympathy and drama. She's always been centre of attention and doesn't like this at all.


do I just stay quiet and let htb sort it? I'll certainly be ignoring her in my day - I don't want him being stressed about her on his big day. So annoyed and I don't kne what to do ????


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    We've just had exactly the same problem, h2b's step sister has asked her if her bf can go and we've said no. Never met the bloke and last I heard they had split up so certainly not having someone we don't know there when we've already got a restricted guest list!!

    I would just ignore her, if she's going to be there hopefully she'll be on her best behaviour!! Just leave your h2b to sort it and dont let her stress you out.

  • Lilly6Lilly6 Posts: 6

    Thanks so much Bella. It's unbelievable. We've not had any drama or stress apart from this! It's shocking. I'm gutted for him really. Everyone seems to pander to her 

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  • Lilly6Lilly6 Posts: 6

    Thank you Kat. That's a perfect way to put it ?????? 

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    100% agree with Kat - we have had issues with in laws and I have left my fiance to deal with them, you interfering will only make it worse. Just support your partner and remember you are both on the same page.

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