Slightly freaking out about 2nd dress fitting

Ok so I have my 2nd dress fitting this weekend and I'm starting to panic a bit. I was already nervous about it as I expected the dress to fit me closer than it did the first time I went in, seeing as it had been ordered to my size but it was still quite big on the top (I have lost a little bit of weight but not lots).

The bridal shop assistant did all the pinning and hemming which I understand is normal practice but every time I raised concerns and said "I'd like this bit to be taken in more on the bodice" she just kept saying (in a really annoying voice) "oh don't worry, it will be fine!" and "the seamstress will taper it off" but I fail to see how the seamstress will magically know where to alter things with only a couple of pins (none down the side, only at the top under the arms) and no measurements of my body. I think I would feel more reassured if I had met the seamstress and she had done the pinning. 

Anyway, i booked the appointment weeks ago and I live about 3 hours away from the city I bought it in (my home town where we are getting married) and was all set for this Saturday. The shop phoned me yesterday and said they will need an extra day and could I come in on Monday as "we've got plenty of time before the wedding". I explained that I couldn't as I would be back at work where I live and that I'd arranged specially to come. She then said "oh, ok we'll make sure we get it finished" but sounded a bit unsure. I am so cross as they have had weeks to do these alterations and they have left it to the very last minute and almost made me feel like I was being difficult for not being able to come back later.

I now feel really worried about what the dress will be like this weekend. I nearly phoned back as I really don't want them to rush it and make a mistake. Maybe it will be fine and I'm worrying for nothing but I just feel really gutted as it's a dress you pay more for than any other and I feel it should fit me like a glove. The other thing is that every time the shop assistant gets it wrong you have to pay for it to be altered more which seems unfair.

Has anyone else experienced feeling like this and not had much confidence in the shop assistants? if so, hopefully it all worked out for the best...?

Thanks (and sorry for the moan!) x


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    Oh no, that sounds really annoying! That would bug me if the assistant kept saying that to me - as you say, how is the seamstress going to know?! I would try not to worry about it now but, when you do go back, I would definitely have a bit of a word if it's not how you wanted it! 

    It's difficult because in those situations the seamstress should be listening to you but it's easy to 'trust' them because they're the expert. I'm happy to do that as long as it all ends up okay. I will say though that I'm getting my dress made by a designer and, when I've had my fittings, she always listens to exactly what I want because she says everyone is different so, as I'm the one wearing the dress, it has to be to my wishes not hers. 

    I'm sure it'll all work out in the end but I would definitely complain if you do need extra things done to it because the assistant hadn't bothered listening to you in the first place! Let us know how you get on. xx

  • Thanks JulyBug! Yes, I will definitely be going over the dress with a fine tooth comb and making sure everything is right- particularly all the lace on the hem. 
    Hopefully it will all be fine and I'll be presently surprised but it's just their manner- everything feels rushed, flappy and a bit ditzy. It's hard when the person in the shop is not the one actually doing the sewing! If it's not right, I may just take it elsewhere as wedding is 1st Aug so fast approaching!    Thanks for the advice and I'll let you know what happens! x
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    Great, fingers crossed for you this weekend! image

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    If you aren't happy with their work you don't have to keep taking the dress back to them for further alterations, you are perfectly within your rights to take the dress to an independent seamstress.

  • Grr, I can't believe it, I had my fitting this weekend and they have taken it in too much and made it too small!! Typical as I thought it might be the other way round and still be too big. So upset but trying to keep cool. I have booked another fitting for 1 month time so hoping everything will be ok by then as they are going to take it back out a little. I have even lost weight since my last fitting so when she said "oh, when was your last fitting?" as she realised she couldn't do the back up, it made me feel so rubbish!

    They have 1 more chance as far as I'm concerned and if it's not right, i'll take it somewhere else. They had 3 brides in the shop at once all having fittings and only 1 shop assistant as the other had gone home ill! Why?! It's such a sensitive thing, just felt like they didn't have the time to really sort things out. I'm hoping the dress will be ok as I don't want to fabric to be overworked by all these alterations!

    On the positive side, I still love the dress and it fitted me closer than last time so trying to focus on that. I just feel so sad and can't stop thinking about it. Destined for a month of sleepless nights I think. image



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