Interfering nasty mother-in-law to be driving me crazy!


I thought I would try to minimise any hassle with the MIL to be by going all the way to Dallas to get married, but it appears it is just following me! But last night was the straw that broke the camels back! 

My future hubby and I decided to stay at this wonderful ranch we found just outside of Dallas and get married whilst we are there, we're going to stay there for 6 nights and do a bit of riding and shooting over the six days and in the middle of the stay get married. 

Only my mother, my mothers partner, my brother and his mother and her husband have been invited and it was a case of you are more than welcome to join us for the night before the wedding and the night of the wedding but then bugger off! So my mom has taken that on board and has decided to book two weeks in Mexico and will get internal flights to Dallas, his mom OH NO! She's is going to go to New Orleans, great is what I thought but no, after telling her 3 times yes 3 that I will book a room for her for the night before and the night of, she then tries to find out the name of the ranch and go behind my back and book it for the whole time that we are there so that I'm sharing my honeymoon with my MIL, I don't think so!!!

Please, if anyone out there has any words of wisdom to calm me down or advise on how to deal with this, please let me know as I'm about to have a nervous breakdown after 6 months of meticulous planning without a wedding planner she has just bombed it and peed on my parade!


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    Oh Yikes - that sounds rough! I think this is a job for your H2B! He needs to mediate this and just let her know that you're combining the wedding and the honeymoon - it might be that she just doesn't understand. I would arm him with some alternative solutions for her that aren't too far away but far enough! Will she be going with her husband/partner or on her own? 



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    Hi Jo

    Yes, you are totally right H2B is going round there tonight to sort it, I have already suggested another ranch if it is the riding and shooting that she wants to do, but oh no she wants to stay at the same ranch. She totally does understand as I have already told her several times perhaps if she hears it from H2B mouth she may take more notice. If she was travelling on her own I may understand more but she will be travelling with her husband so this really shouldn't be an issue, she's just causing unnecessary problems and stress for me! 



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    Definitely get your H2B to discuss with her and explain you were hoping for some privacy either side of the wedding as its your honeymoon. If she wont take that on board and goes ahead and books it, and you desperately don't want to be there with her, you could always escape to another similar ranch! Admittedly not ideal and certainly your option B, but something to think about.

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    Well Claire, I've already thought I might bring the wedding forward a week, it might cost a little to do so but she will miss the wedding altogether then! image certainly don't want to go to have an option B, it's my wedding and I should be able to have it just the way i want it, did I mention she's already had 3?! Maybe because it's not hers AGAIN she playing her face! 

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    Not sure I was all that clear, but I meant you could keep the wedding at the ranch as planned and stay there the night before and after - but for the remainder of the week go elsewhere!

    As you say, you shouldn't have to change your plans, but unfortunately weddings bring out the crazy in everyone around you and family view it as their right to interfere and tell you what to do or argue with you about your choices... the number of times I have wished I eloped...

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    Well the problem with just staying there the night before and the night after is that we have several rides out, shooting sessions and a couples massage already booked for the 6 nights that we are there. 

    I have actually found another ranch that is an hour away, so if it was what they want to do then I have found an alternative for them, so if she still insists on being at "our" ranch then she is just being awkward! I'm sure I'll more to say tomorrow once H2B goes round there to sort it tonight! Watch this space!

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    Good luck!

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