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Picked up my dress and don't like it :-(

Hi all


Has anyone else picked up there dress and not felt that "wow, i feel beautiful" feeling? I only have two weeks to go until the wedding and have always had second thoughts about my dress but yesterday I just didn't like my reflection in the mirror.


I don't know if it because my hair didn't look great and I was stressed after picking it up after work or I really didn't like it. The bridal shop didn't really seem to care that much and I felt so deflated leaving with the dress.

There isn't much I can do now though is there as the dress is fitted to me and I don't want to fork out on another dress!

Pic of me in the dress at second fitting below if that helps x




  • You look beautiful. Try not to stress. I'm sure once you have your hair and make up all done properly and arent rushing about you'll feel happy with how you look. I'm having major dress doubts myself and can't wait for it to be in store so I can hopefully put it on and alleviate them.  I hope you feel better about the dress soon. You look lovely in it and at the end of the day just remember, when you put that dress on next you will get to marry the man you love And spend forever with him, what's a dress in comparison to that? 

  • Hiya,

    When I went for my second fitting I felt exactly the same, left the shop feeling deflated because I wasn't happy. On my wedding day I absolutely loved my dress and had no doubts whatsoever. I'm sure on the day when you have hair and make up done, and all accessories you will feel completely different!

    Its a beautiful dress and you look gorgeous! image

  • JulyBugJulyBug Posts: 420

    I also felt a bit blah after my second fitting, I think it's quite natural and not reflective of how you actually look/feel in the dress. For what it's worth, I think the dress itself is really stunning and you look lovely. I think on the day when you're all made up, you'll absolutely love it! x

  • You look beautiful 

    once your hair and make up is done you'll feel like the stunning bride you are x

  • JolaJola Posts: 23

    Remember that you will look very different with a full makeup and a hairdo. That will change the look in the mirror.

    I have a dress in my wardrobe that I hate when I put it on but with a makeup I do and a hairdo (I wear it for special occasions) it changes dramatically - from the one I hate to my favourite one.

  • Mrs W2bMrs W2b Posts: 99

    I agree with the other comments, it will feel totally different when you have your hair and make up done etc, if it helps I think you look beautiful image

  • You look lovely! That dress is so flattering on you, and is lovely and classic. Why dont you get yourself a really nice necklace to go with it?

  • I feel your pain! Every fitting I come out doubting and wondering if I should love it more. I think there is so much pressure on finding 'THE dress' and you hear all these stories about girls breaking down in tears because they love it so much. I also found that how dresses looked in photos massively changed my opinion of them despite what they looked like in real life- so hard! You look absolutely lovely in this dress! I bet on the day you won't give it a second thought image

  • Lola4Lola4 Posts: 129

    You look lovely. I agree with the above comments image

  • Bella14Bella14 Posts: 21

    Very pretty dress and extremely flattering. Classic and elegant.

  • Thank you all for your kind comments!

    I have made an appointment with the shop I bought it from on Saturday to try the dress on with my friend and see if there is anything I could change. I explained that I wasn't that keen on the straps and they said they could remove those and attach some lace/or I could wear a lace bolero. Obviously this will probably cost  me  a lot more!

    Do you think this could ruin the dress? I'm considering cancelling going back in and just taking on board all your comments that I'll feel a lot better once I have my hair and make up done



  • Bella14Bella14 Posts: 21

    I loved my dress when I bought it, but ever since I brought it home I have questioned my decision. I just have to remember that if it wasn't perfect then I wouldn't have bought it in the first place. Try to remember what made you fall in love with dress. I honestly think it is very pretty.

  • Eugenia-Eugenia- Posts: 121

    It's gorgeous! I personally really like the straps. It's a lovely style and you look really beautiful in it. I agree with all of the above that once you're made up and hair done, it will really finish off the dress and I am sure you'll look amazing. 

    It's actually a little similar to mine, although mine will have a lace top, with butterfly sleeves (I hate the top of my arms) although I've not seen it with the lace top yet as have my second fitting on next Friday! 


    I'd say still go with your friend, ask her for her honest opinion and ask the shop if they can show you any dresses with the lace top similar to that they say they can do, to give you an idea of what it may look like. But, don't be in any doubt it's beautiful how it is now xxx

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