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am i over reacting ?

my mother in law to be never invites me to any family thing EVER

the latest issue is my H2B bother is turning 21 nothing is ever important to them and my family celebrate every birthday! obv

i text them a month ago asking what we were doing for his birthday as it was a big birthday and thought we would go out for dinner (at least) !

i also told them when myself and H2B were free around his birthday knowing he normaly goes out with his mates and thought it could possibly not be on his birthday.

a week before i find out that everyone can do every date apart from on a tuesday i work late till 7!

so what day is booked a Tuesday and they are booking the table for 6 so i miss the whole thing this happens every birthday!

when i asked if everyone can do every day why cant we move the date to the wednesday thursday friday ? i get well sorry you dont feel its important his birthday but you cant come as were not changing it !


am i over reacting they put obsticals in the way for everything including our wedding planning im really upset and my H2B was going to ask his brother to be his bestman on his birthday and his other brother to be usher and they knew this!


what do i do bite by tonge and forget it im so upset with them


  • Cara9Cara9 Posts: 69

    I'm sorry to hear they treat you this way. I don't really have any advice as such but what does you h2b say about it? Can he not speak to them and explain how upset you are?


    like I say, i really feel for you and agree that they are being unreasonabl. Hope it gets sorted for you hun xx

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