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How to ask MOH


My dear mum passed away in 2007 and I said from that day I could never get married as I just couldnt imagine planning something like that without her.  My partner and I have been together 11 years, we have a 3 year old son and we have finally decided to get married in 2017.  I managed pregnancy and labour quite well without Mum but every day I look at my son and feel bad that he will never meet her and feel guilty that mum never got to meet him, god she would have loved him so much.

There has only ever been one person that I would even consider asking to be my Made of Honour but I am struggling with ways of asking her.  She has been Bridesmaid quite a few times in the last 2 years hence me giving her the MOH title instead of Bridesmaid.  One bride asked her to be Bridesmaid on her birthday, she wrapped up her bridesmaid dress as her brithday present which was such a lovely idea.

I'd like to ask her with a poem and the dress (which I have already bought) but i would like to mention me being a motherless bride in the poem (obviously not using those words).  I'd like to explain to her that I couldnt plan or do this wedding without her by my side, we have only known each other 11 years but the past 8 years she has been my absolute rock and if I can't have my mum there with me she is the only person I would chose to share it all with me. 

So, are any of you any good with words that could help me out???




  • Aimee Jones2Aimee Jones2 Posts: 417

    I think a card with exactly how you feel written inside would be nice. What you have written here touched me and I think that's all you need. Let her know how much of a rock she had been, I'm no good with poems so can't help you there image x x 

  • Naomi29Naomi29 Posts: 54

    It sounds like you have quite a sisterly bond with her. Could you say something to that effect?

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