Dress ordered but how long???


I ordered my dress in Jan 15 and was told it would take 6-7 months to arrive. 

My dress shop then changed ownership so I spoke to the new owner in June who said my dress had arrived in the UK! 

In July whilst looking at bridesmaid's dresses I was told by the same lady that I can expect my dress the month before my wedding!!!! That's June 2016!!! 

Ok so my question.... How long does it actually take? I have a feeling they haven't ordered it yet! 


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    If you have paid the deposit it should of been ordered, I ordered mine in August and they told.me it will arrive in February, then I'm gettin married in june 2016 and they said they will.do alterations 6 weeks before wedding, so your dress should well be in by now if u ordered it in January. 

  • Yes, mine was the same. It took 6-7 months to come, but no fittings until about a month before. Perhaps that's what she meant.

  • I paid a deposit, was measured and told my dress would be in made and ready to collect in November 2014. They hadn't ordered it when we went to collect, said they would order it to arrive January 2015, it would arrive April 2015. A month before my wedding. I didn't trust them anymore so cancelled my dress. They tried to charge me for a "rush order" 6-8 weeks, bearing in mind I'd ordered my dress June 2014, nearly a year before my wedding. I wasn't impressed. I'd be thoroughly miffed if I were you. Imagine if the dress arrived an needed major alterations, or it was wrong. I wouldn't have felt comfortable seeing my dress for the first time a month before the wedding. 

  • * noticed my error. They said they would order it (second time) to arrive Jan 15, but upon checking with the maker, it wouldn't have been ready/arrived till the April.

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    Well I finally got some answers today!

    Alfred Angelo said my dress is made but they can't disclose details as the contract isn't with me but the shop.

    The shop said that she will ring up AA but she doesn't expect to receive the dress until Feb/march time. 

    I suspect the original owner didn't place my dress order. 

    I feel better knowing it's made but it's so cloak and dagger. 

    Feb takes me to 13 months since ordering and I will need alterations as I've lost 4 stone so far! Luckily not at my bust and its corset back so it shouldn't be too bad! 


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    Mine is an alfred angelo mine is due February can't wait x

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