Just getting started..

Fiance and I got engaged officially a few days and already I am getting bombarded with a lot of questions ( yes to be expected!) from this I have felt pressure to do the ' right' wedding but I know deep down it is not a theatrical show for others but just us.

My fiance does not have any friends nor is he close with his family, in fact his Mum responded with " Oh dear" when he first told her on the phone and he has not shared this with other family members.

I do not have a community of friends but a few friends dotted over the UK and other countries, I DO want them to be part of the wedding but at the same time I also don't want the wedding to JUST be filled with my friends ( who by the way most of them have not or do not speak to my OH).

We plan to have a small intimate wedding abroad ( beach) then a Chinese Banquet in the UK- So that my Mum can have her way and invite some family friends.

I was thinking that I could have an option of attending beach wedding OR chinese one or both..


I know everything is up in the air and it's not going to be fully sorted ( wedding planned to be in 2017 as OH wants us to wed then move into a new home together)- he reports being stressed already as he does not want to discuss the wedding and he said he would rather just elope and ' be done with it all'.

Just feeling stressed and sorry for the rant!

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