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I cry at everything - how will I cope on the day?

There is one aspect of our wedding day that I'm really worried about and was hoping to get some advice!

I cry at absolutely everything.

It doesn't have to be a sad film, it can be an advert or even a boxing match!  The other day I found a personalised handkerchief for the father of the bride, and that set me off. My walking down the aisle song makes me cry every time I hear it.

Me and the fiance have a giggle about it, but when it comes to our wedding day I am terrified that I won't be able to get the words out.

How can I train myself not to cry?!


  • SixSix Posts: 14

    Awww your so sweet, I have a mother & sister who cry at everything to.

    I wouldnt look at it as training yourself not to cry, embrace those tears of joy, it is how you express your feelings & emotion & from the sounds of it it's who you are, your family & friends might find it strange if you didn't cry, maybe 😉

    my advise is to practice, practice, practice. Practice your vowels & practice walking down the aisle to your song, perhaps you'll feel just a little more comfortable on the day without completely breaking down into a blubbering mess. Also if you can't get through your vowels due to your overwhelming emotions then have someone ready to take over for you, perhaps your MOH or MOB.

    good luck x

  • I'm like you and i'm concerned about my walk too :) (The Ceasars dog food westie ad gets me every time).

    A friend on mine who cried at all of our friends weddings told me she was surprised but she didn't cry at her own - maybe it's all the commotion or stress etc. Fingers crossed we have the same outcome

  • I'm exactly the same, cry at absolutely everything. Last night my OH called me a crying machine because I was a blubbering mess at the end of a film. But, I'm not going to worry about what will happen on the day. Basically, if I cry, I cry. I'll just leave a stock of tissues with everyone BM/ OH/ FOB. Emotions are funny things, and like an above post said, with all the stress or distractions of the little details maybe you won't cry in the end!

  • BekhaGBekhaG Posts: 586 New bride

    For me, getting married to my wonderful husband was such an emotional thing- for years he'd said he'd never marry anyone ever so for him to change his mind and find ourselves planning our wedding was a really emotional experience for me, especially as getting married and making that commitment was such a big deal to me.

    I was worried about crying all day too. When vetting videographers the one we picked let us watch a few whole videos so we could get a real feel for the quality of his work and in one of them the bride was literally crying all the through the video/ her wedding. By the speeches footage even I was thinking 'get a grip, you've had a red wet face all day!' and I defo didn't to be like that but was worried I would be. Even making the Ipod playlists for the wedding day had me crying like a baby!

    But then, on the day, I totally held it together. I got a bit teary walking down the aisle and during the vows and cried a little doing my speech (I did the groom's speech!) but other than that I just felt so excited and happy I didn't cry at all. Hopefully you'll be the same as me- better than you think on the day :)

  • I was scared about this too. I cried walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid for my sister. But on the day of my wedding, I didn't cry once. Even when my dad decided just before walking down the aisle was the perfect time to tell me how proud he is of me (thanks dad!). I think you are just on a different level for your own wedding and everything just seems magical, well it did for me anyway x

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