Pre wedding stress

I get married on 9th October and up until now I have actually been enjoying all the planning etc for the day.  Now it is getting closer I seem to have started feeling overwhelmed with finalising everything and all the little details that I still need to organise.

Last week I was really ill and had to spend 3 days in bed, I spent the time feeling guilty that I should be doing something.

I really don't want to stress out in these last 2 weeks, especially as I don't want it to overshadow the day itself, I want to enjoy it.

Has anyone else felt the same and does anyone have any tips for staying stress free?


Thanks! x


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  • I'm feeling stressed about mine and ours isn't til 2017!  I think it's because my boyfriend's parents aren't keen on coming to Scotland (we live in The Netherlands, but I am Scottish) and his sister's family aren't aware that we are getting married in Scotland, but have passed comment that they would be happy to attend any event in The Netherlands - so that pretty much rules his whole family coming over to Scotland.......


    I know it's early days and minds can be changed, but at the moment, I just feel upset that they don't want to make the effort to come over....


    Danni - can you treat yourself to a pamper session?  It could work wonders :)

  • It's natural to be stressing, I'd dish some of the finalising to others for you and go and have a spa break xx

  • Thanks all! I have booked myself in for a massage and allocated jobs to my bridesmaids, Mum and fiancé.

    Thanks for the advice Kitten, yesterday I talked things through with my fiancé over a glass of wine and I am feeling much better.  You are right in everything you say!


    I am sorry to hear that Vodkaqueen, I hope you get it sorted and they do come, maybe it is just because it is early they haven't had a chance to think it through properly!  I am sure they will be there and the day will be lovely! x

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  • hi, I also get married same day. hope your day turns out beautiful. I have also been ill and had a cold/cough for three weeks and my face is breaking out. I am trying to relax also. x

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    Hi I get married Oct 10 and feel exactly the same, I've turned to rescue remedy to help when I'm feeling at breaking point, as I've said in my other thread I don't even get to have my first meeting with my venue until next Thursday, this is definatly  not good for my nerves. I have found as I go to the gym 3 times a week this helps and I've made sure I do a yoga class once a week it really helps empty my mind. That might be a thought, it's a bit of you time and really helps .

    Good luck for the big day and enjoy it xxx

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