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So Frustrated

Hello Ladies, just wanted to sound off really as I am so frustrated. We are getting married in a hotel on 10 October and up to last week had received no contact with the venue. I rang them to express concern and they said they couldn't do the first meeting until October 1st as the owner is on holiday and she is the only person that handles the weddings. When I told them I was slightly worried they said the only time to be worried is if you don't meet her until the day before!!!

i haven't got a clue regarding final menus, seating layouts etc. my florist is asking questions I simply can't answer so are the guests. I'm starting to feel so overwhelmed I really want to get things sorted and know in my own mind exactly what's happening and where but I simply can't. 

Is it usual for the venue to leave it so late? Is it usual for us to only have one meeting with the organiser before the big day or am I being brushed off, any advice wold be appreciated xxx


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