Post-Poning our Wedding

So I need some help!! My fiance and I have recently decided to post pone our wedding that was supposed to take place this November. We are working on a date for next April as I write this. We are post poning the wedding due to my mother's condition as she is going through chemo after her breast cancer surgery. The news was recent and we have already sent out save the dates and invitations! ( I sent them out early oops) We want to send out an announcement that our wedding has been rescheduled .....a save the date with the new date on it and I want something funnny! We are totally ok with this whole idea of pushing it back and all we want is my mom to be able to enjoy herself !!! I just don't want to make it depressing and talk about a family members illness as she is sensitive and not entirely happy we have decided to post poning the wedding in the first place . I don't want her to feel badly She would appreciate us not putting this on her! Any ideas ? I really just need help with wording as I know what I need to do from here forward. Thanks in advance!!!


  • I'm sorry about your mums illness- Id just go with something like ' life throws us little bumps in the road, (and we just can't get enough of wedding magazines) so have decided to push things back a little so everyone can party harder-! Or something casual- I'm assuming most people know about your mums situation so the will be totally accommodating x 

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    Honestly, I would suggest thet you just use the regular wording - I would be concerned about trying to be funny in case it came across as flippant or too lighthearted... just something along the lines of "we're sorry to have to let you know that we are postponing our wedding from X date to Y date (plus any other info you want to add)"  no need to give the reason...

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    Hi Christina sorry to hear about your troubles, you know your own personalities & I don't see anything wrong with a bit of flippant it doesn't mean you don't care, & is a good way of keeping the focus off your mum.

    I agree with Julytilly a lighthearted we're loving the planning so much we're going to do more of it to ensure a fabulous time for all!! 

    Best wishes Kxx


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