Getting pregnant even though I'm bridesmaid?

I've been invited to be bridesmaid next summer, along with 5 other girls. My partner and I had been thinking of trying for a baby around December / January which could mean I am very pregnant or nearing my due date when the wedding is. Should we wait?


  • I wouldn't expect one of my bridesmaids to put their life on hold to work around my wedding. However if you know you are planning on trying I would mention this to your friend particularly when it comes time to shop for bm dresses. Obviously dresses aren't cheap and if she picks a style that wouldn't accomodate a growing bump it could end up quite costly.

  • I completely agree with Michelle. As important as a wedding is, you shouldn't be putting your. life and hold for it. 

    I'd mention to your friend that you're trying for a baby so they're aware and can plan for it. (Though I am sure she will be thrilled for you). 

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    Definitely don't wait, your life doesn't revolve around someone else's wedding.

  • hi, I would definitely tell her you are planning for a baby. my current situation is what could happen if you don't tell her. I asked my 3 best friends to be my bridesmaids - 2 of which are now pregnant and were trying but did not tell me this in advance. I have now lost out on a lot of money through flights, dresses, drinks and food expenses for them. as much as you cannot put your life on hold for your friend you can be honest with her and let her know. if she is a good friend she will be happy for you. x 

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    As long as she doesn't spend any actual money on you for the wedding, if you don't want to personally I would say don't.

    One of my original BMs let us buy a dress for her knowing full well she was actually pg! She was due 2 weeks after my wedding. I just felt quite sad that she let me spend so much money on a dress she was never going to fit in to :(

    Don't put your life on hold though, if you want to try, start trying! You never know how long it will take xx

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