Made redundant just a few months before wedding...

just found out I am being made redundant effective two months before our wedding.

anyone had a similar situation?

now worried about money and also finding a new job that's happy for me to take a month off to get married! And one that isn't going to by pass me assuming I'm going to be pregnant soon (we don't want kids so not an issue)

awful timing :( 


  • Hey there B23, that's rubbish news!  Sorry for that.

    Are you getting any redundancy pay?  Perhaps you could take off a little more time if you are able, or even do temp work?

    I'm graduating just before getting married and we are seeing it as a 'fresh start' for us, as in married now and looking for the job of my dreams.  Maybe you could look at it in a similar way?  I'm really excited for my new life as a married women even though I have no idea what job I will be in!

  • Sorry to hear about this. Do you have wedding insurance?  Ours had a section about paying out in the case of redundancy as long as you had been in your job for over a year x

  • i've been mde redundant twice since booking my wedding! first time i got a pay out and really should have paid everything off...i didn't and we frittered it way as i got another perm job on same wage...they then made me redundant also but no pay out. i did panic that time as i had nos safety net. 


    i worked out the absolute min i could afford to take salary wise to live on and applied for all jobs from that pay grade up. i found a job quite easily doing this both times i've been made redundant tbh and the north east is supposedly really difficult to get a job in. 

    also if you have insurance as above have said check the terms it may help and pay out. as a last resort you could see if the venue etc would let you push the date back giving you more time to find a new job? 

  • B23B23 Posts: 169

    Thanks for all the advice!

    we are lucky that my partner is very well paid so we can pay everything on his salary and savings alone, it's just so frustrating in the months I wanted to be putting money away and treating myself I'm going to be stressed about interviews.


    so upsetting :( 

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