Wedding dress delay!

Guys I really need some advice please. I ordered a dress from Berketex over six weeks ago. At the time, I was told 10-12 weeks and paid £300 deposit. I was told i'd receive a swatch within a month. I asked for the dress to be changed to (the sweetheart neckline to be raised a little). Anyway, i've gone into their store four times and emailed a number of times and the latest is this:

After back and forth on emails, they've told me that because of the design change, the dress making will take 12-14 weeks and 2-4 weeks for the design change. They said delivery might be tight, but the designer knows the date of my wedding.

I went mad.

I emailed back explaining that 1) I wasn't told this when I ordered 2) I still haven't received my swatch despite going back 4 times and it being over 6 weeks and 3) I wont have any time for anymore alternations in time for my wedding.

They took a while to email back, so I called the head office. I spoke to someone who said that he;ll update me next week but most cases it is ok. I made the point that I still haven't received a swatch despite asking a zillion times - he said that he'll get one sent out to me this week.

That night, I couldn't sleep. I kept dreaming that I'd be left without a dress.

I've sent another email basically saying that i'm not impressed - and explained that if I don't get my swatch by next week / commitment on when I can receive my dress by the end of the month, I will be requesting a refund and going elsewhere - i've basically gone with the argument that they are not providing me with a service with reasonable skill and care.

That was yesterday - I've not had any confirmation. I've been googling and seen some awful awful reviews. Some brides have taken them to court because of a delay in their dress.

My issue is this; how long do I give them? Should I just hope they deliver my dress in time? Should I be looking for another dress?

My wedding is in just over 11 weeks!



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  • NoorNoor Posts: 18

    Thanks Hun. No you read it all correctly. And that's exactly what I told them. The guy on the phone said basically they'll do what they can and it'll very likely be here on time...


    But it I don't want "likely" I want a guarantee. And I can't trust them. I've been having nightmares about it and apparently gritting my teeth all night. 


    I I know it's silly and only a dress, but really don't need the headache of this all right now! X

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  • Anna22Anna22 Posts: 157

    Sorry this is happening it sounds like a complete nightmare!

    I can only agree with other posters and suggest you start shopping for a new dress now.

    Just wanted to add - don't restrict yourself to bridal shops only - some of the 'special occasion' dresses in department stores can work really well. 

    This might be an interesting link for you - it's advertised as plus size but their drees come in size 10-12 upwards

    good luck, hope it all works out!

  • NoorNoor Posts: 18

    Thank you ladies. 

    I spoke to my other half about it and he basically told me to wait another week (as you suggested). I ordered the dress 6 weeks ago, and he thinks they should start making it very soon (so 6 weeks into their 12 week orginal time scale). He reckons if they haven't started soon   then it's unlikely it'll be done in time. So I'll leave it a week for at least an acknowledgement. If not, then I'll definitely send a certified letter.

    I've had a quick look oline but will definitely crank it up next week.

    Are there any lawyers around or anyone with an idea of my legal rights? I can't really afford to be out of a pocket £300. 

    Thanks for your responses ladies x

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