No advice needed really - just a rant!

So... Background - I'm from Scotland, boyfriend is Dutch. We live together in the Netherlands (I've been here since July 2013). We've both been married before 

Boyfriend proposed to me on 5th September. He rang my parents to tell them, but not his because of the time difference (it was 11pm, little late to call someone). So we put it in Facebook as they don't have it. Next day, it turns out they already knew as boyfriend's sister called at 11.15pm to tell them! Huh! Wasn't even her news to tell!! 

Boyfriend then suggests we get married in Scotland (his own idea). He mentions it to his parents whose first reaction was the horror of actually going to another country where they drive on the left! 

His ex mother in law who he is still friends with made of comment on a recent Facebook post of 'oh, I forgot to tell *ex's name*, your ex wife, that you are getting married!' Errr.... Whilst I have no problem with that, why mention the ex wife part specifically? 


  • Yesterday, boyfriend found his old suit from his previous wedding, so put it up for sale and mentioned it on Facebook in case anyone wanted to buy it. A friend who knows my boyfriend made a stupid remark of 'oh, buyers beware in case of karma, you need to check if the couple are still together since the suit was used!'. My response was that it can also be used as a funeral suit.....  😉 And finally, top it off, a friend asked yesterday if we had set a date yet. I said only the year and those who are invited will know the date as we want to keep it small and intimate, immediate family only, but my best friend and his best friend will be there as witnesses. My friend said (who has annoyed me several times in the 7 years I've know him) 'oh, as you are not telling me the date I guess I am not invited, shame as I would have liked to have been there.' I said that wasn't the case and explained. He said 'oh well, it would be a suitable punishment for me after the amount of times I've annoyed you over the years' 


    Argh!! Feel like eloping at this rateApologies for the rant, no advice needed, just needed to let off steam! 

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    No advice but big hugs xxx

  • Sounds like a lot of problems all at once lovely - can only send supportive hugs and cross fingers it gets better for you

  • Thanks for the hugs..... I guess it's just little things that have all come at once really.... boyfriend was annoyed at my friend.  He actually messaged him to say he was disappointed and that he should learn to respect peoples' wishes.  Thing is, if I invite this friend, another friend will say 'oh, why am I not invited' and it will go on with other friends.......


    As for the other issues, we still have time to work on his parents, his ex wife was the one who walked out on my ex - not the other way round, and boyfriend has had an offer on the suit!  But I said he can keep that money and get something nice for it - somehow it doesn't feel right to put it in the wedding fund!

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