Struggling I am not excited for my wedding

I love my fiance very much we have been together for 12 years and got engaged last year. I have never been that girl who planned her day and knew what she wanted, to be honest I was that girl who always said she would probably not get married but I met the boy and we bought the house and got 2 dogs and he is my best friend and I want to spend everyday with him, when we got engaged it was nice I have always known I wanted to marry him, we are 8 weeks away from the big day and to be brutal I really dont care much for it, he has pretty much planned the entire day. It just feels very much like its his big day and he thinks its what I deserve and want but to be honest I just wanted something extremely small, intimate and just about me and him, people aren't happy about the guest list and I have upset people and disappointed them its turned into the big day I never dreamed about. My H2B is so excited we even have our pre-shoot due in 3 weeks and i just gave the answer of do what you want I don't care!!! Why cant I be excited for my big day im finally marrying my soul mate but im dreading the day and really cant be happy about it!!! Im I on my own or what is wrong with me 


  • As long as you want to marry your fiancé then it isn't an issue. Not everyone wants a wedding, as long as you're not getting married when you don't want to, you've got to keep it in perspective: the wedding is one day, the marriage the rest of your life.

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