freaking out over everything

Sooooo here is the grips of this one I'm a heavy wreck I just started crying because of the silliest thing ever please tell me this is normal

Married in 10 months first wedding panic constant that it will go wrong ppl not agreeing to my colour scheme not wanting to wear what I suggest for walking down aisle before me. Heavy stressed and no support everyone thinks it's a joke I dnt find it funny help am I being a bitch for asking ppl to stick to colour scheme if there part of the wedding?  


  • It's okay to have a wobble, if you've made it to 10 months to go before your first one I'd say you're doing well! Also you're definitely not being a bitch for wanting people to follow your ideas for your big day.

    Is this for the bridal party or for guests in general? Have they gave you a reason as to why they don't want to use those colours? 

    Be strong hun, you can get through this :)<3

  • This if for my mother who at first I asked to be my maid of honour as my brother is giving me away as my dad has died, but she insisted that although myself and my partner are paying for the wedding from our own pockets that she wanted me to buy her dress shoes and assessories to which I refused and told her she can just be a quest if that was her attitude so to get her involved I told her if he agrees to the colour scheme with everyone else walking down aisle she can escorts my 4 yr old boy who is ring bearer then she can be apart of my day instead of just sitting as a guest to this she has stated she doesn't like my colour scheme which is royal blue and she wants to wear a different colour dress.. my brother who is giving me away doesn't like the kilt that I have choose for him to wear so had opted to hire his own colour I just feel my colour scheme slipping out my hands I have bluntly told my mother if she plans on wearing a different colour to colour scheme then she will simply go bk to being just a guest. Her reply if she agrees to colour scheme i should buy her dress Yet I feel like the bad one am I wrong in putting your foot down and saying no 

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    It's your day Donna ad it should be all about you seems to me your family is being very selfish. I don't see what the big deal is about them not wanting to wear the colors you have chosen I mean it is your day not theirs. Your mom may be a littleader jealous for some reason it doesn't seem like she's happy for you. If they don't want to cooperate then yes let them be a guest they don't deserve to be apart of your big day! 

  • I've been bridesmaid a few times and had to buy my own dress in colour bride chose and there was no fuss from any of the bridesmaids. Most people buy a new outfit for special weddings anyway so I don't think it's unreasonable to expect bridal party to buy their own. If it was something you had picked outside of everyones budget might be different but sounds like you have just stipulated a colour which is the norm usually I'd say. Maybe tell your family how much stressing you out they might not realise x 

  • Thank you guys. Oh they realise there stressing me out as I have approached them and told them that they are doing to to which I was told I was over reacting also made me doubt the true way to feel during planning a wedding or if I was over reacting I'm no a person to get stressed or down easily so these feelings confuse the life out of me. Lol. 

    My partner has also said that he feels she is a tad jealous as she has not helped out or asked one thing about the wedding it seems like I'm doing all the organising with only my partner no one else seems to be taking an interest altho my sister has been great I thought my mother would have planned the hen night but my sister has organised it and I'm thankful for that as I thought I was going to have to do that myself. I'm so worried about the day of the wedding that my mother won't put my into my dress properly as it's lace up at back so I have asked the lady from the purchase shop if for a fee that she would come help me get into it as I heard she done this for a few brides to be. Xx

  • That sounds like a good idea anyway about the dress as the sales assistant will probably do a better job. Looks like there may well be some sour grapes from family. Glad your sister is supportive and there to lend a hand :-) 

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