2 weeks to go and groomsmen doing Movember!


I get married in two weeks on 28th November and just found out that 3 of the groomsmen including H2B's dad have been doing movember.  I am hoping they are joking but two of them have said they are not shaving them off for the wedding

I don't want my wedding pictures to end up a complete joke. Is it unreasonable of me to expect them to shave before the wedding?


  • I would soften the blow by offering to donate to the charity; be like 'great work lads, great cause. If I donate £50 will you shave them off?' have a sense of humour.about it, they will be trying to.wind you up slightly 

  • Sam60Sam60 Posts: 249

    Have you seen what they look like? They may not be too bad, everybody seems to have facial hair these days (well, not women of course) so it may not look too odd? Xx

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,352 New bride

    How is raising money for cancer 'a complete joke' can't you be supportive of them trying to do something worth while?

    You could do as Mrs M suggests and offer to give a decent donation for them to shave it off. Or you could embrace it. Perhaps get some false moustaches and get ppl to take selfies with them on the day and encourage them to donate even more money to a wonderful cause...

  • Pf2016Pf2016 Posts: 781 New bride

    I agree with Mrs Twizbe.  My HTB was diagnosed with testicular cancer a couple of months ago.  It put everything into perspective (including what is really important, and a wedding day isn't that important in the bigger picture.)  Luckily through early diagnosis and excellent care from the NHS, and with the also excellent support of Macmillian, he was treated very quickly and has now been given the all clear.  I think MrsM is right, if they really are awful, offer them a donation to shave it off for your wedding day.  But if they don't want to, look back at those photos and remember that they were doing something noble to raise money for a great cause.  You never know when a man close to you will need to treatment that is partially funded by the money raised in Movember. x

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