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Violent stepdad


I'm getting married in July. My mum has been married to my stepdad for about 10 years, we have never fully got on but everyone tolerated each other. However in August he turned violent against my h2b and also threatened our 10 year old daughter. Also I found out recently he has beat my mum and hit his own son (17yrs old) as well. He drinks too much and seems to be worse when he is drunk.

For obvious reasons myself and my h2b don't want him at the wedding. I haven't said anything to my mum yet and the biggest issue is they were giving us a large chunk of our budget which we probably won't get now.

I'm also terrified that he will turn up to the wedding invited, drunk, starting a fight and ruining our big day.

I'm feeling so stressed I'm not sleeping properly!



  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    He sounds like a nightmare, but I would tread carefully. Obviously the money isn't as important as the way he has treated your family - but will your mum come if he's not invited? If he's a controlling person would he 'allow' your mum to come? 

  • It's a really hard situation...part of me wants her to just stand up to him! I know the money isn't important, we can get through that part. I don't think she'd let him stop her going, but thats me hoping she'd choose her daughter over her nasty husband. The rest of the family also know the situation so I have alot of support from them and my h2bs family... But it's still my mum.

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