2 weddings in one year

Hello All,


So me and my h2b are getting married in Cyprus in September 2017.


One of the ushers was round our house for a few drinks last night and told us that he is planning to propose to his gf soon (they have been together 5 years and we have been expecting this for a while).

The problem is that he just said to us that he should have no problems coming to our wedding, the only problem would be cost and they are thinking of getting married in the same year as us!

The thing is that his gf is originally from Ireland and wants to get married in Ireland (where her family is) and a lot of our friends are their friends so if they go ahead with this idea our friends will have to pay for two weddings away (we live in Guernsey).

I don't honestly believe that our friends will be willing to fork out for two weddings away in 1 year as it is quite expensive and one friend is getting married in Italy next year. And if it comes to I think they chose to go to the other one as it is close (therefore cheaper) and they are closer friends.

I am starting to feel a bit like a bridezilla on this as we have obviously have ours planned and booked and invites will be going out within the month. I just don't know what to do if they go ahead with this plan :(


  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,352 New bride

    Don't worry about it. One of our really good friends got married 2 weeks after us and the same group of friends had to travel to both. All made it to both (including the bride and groom to ours and us to theirs)

    With enough notice, people will make it work. 

    Anyway, there is nothing you can do about it. Quite a lot of your guests will probably have more than one wedding in a year.

    Enjoy planning your day and don't worry about other people's weddings.

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    Im getting married June 2016 in Rhodes planned mine gave everyone two years notice my cousin got engaged this year and told everyone she wad gettin married in Cyprus September 2016 all the family that we share are going to both our wedding apart from one auntie she is coming to mine and not my cousins as I asked first and she is on her own so I agreed a friend of hers could come who I know so she wasn't paying loads fir a single room and my cousin wouldnt let her so she couldn't afford it but like others have said you are giving plenty of notice xx

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    i think it is natural to worry about this sort of thing, but like the other ladies have said, try not to let it stress you out and dampen your wedding planning:

    a) i don't mean to be negative - just matter of fact perhaps - but did you consider when you booked your wedding abroad that some people may struggle to attend due to cost, even before this happened? however, i think you need to maintain the attitude that if people care about you enough, they will come! you are giving plenty of notice, and if some of your guests struggle with finances of attending multiple destination weddings, they should (if they have manners!) attend the wedding they received the invite to first!

    b) you can't stop people from living their lives because of your wedding, especially when it is quite some time away. if you would have told me two years ago that i would have been married for over a year by september 2017, i would have laughed in your face! also, you don't know when exactly your friends (if they were to get engaged soon) will decide on a wedding date - we know our venue is already booking up for 2018 so they may have to wait until then too! like mrstwizbe said, your guests may be invited to other weddings of couples you don't know (or may not be engaged yet either!) in 2017. it is just one of those things about life :) you can't control it, so try not to worry. focus on your planning and enjoy the run up to YOUR day! x

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