Is my sister's marriage vaild?!

My sister got hitch yesterday without inviting any of her family. The thing is one of the witness would not sign the papers, so the other witness's 17 year daughter step in and sign in her place. Is my sister's marriage liensce legal in North Dakota since not all of the people at the signing agreed?


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  • Are you maybe just upset that you weren't at the wedding?  If it was me I would be a bit gutted.  Sorry to get personal but it seems there is maybe a bit more to this?

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  • Anna22Anna22 Posts: 157

    The internet says that two witnesses are required, but does not say any minimum age requirement for the witnesses.  If the officiant allowed a 17 yr old to sign, then it's probable that the witnessing is valid.


    In the UK, there is no lower age limit for witness, the registrar needs to be convinved that they understand the importance of what they're signing.



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