Feeling a bit upset

I've had a bit of a rubbish week for a number of reasons (non wedding related) and was really looking forward to my first dress fitting tomorrow. I have one bridesmaid, my sister. The fitting was booked in the summer, but a couple of months ago she told me she's arranged to go away with her boyfriend. Since then she's trying to get out of coming for the fitting - she was supposed to be having her dress fitted to. this is the last Saturday my dressmaker will do this year, and the wedding is in February so I don't want to move it much earlier or leave it until January. So, eventually agreed she would come.


she called me tonight to say that her dress no longer fits, but she's found the dress in a sale so she's ordering a bigger size. As she doesn't need her dress fitting now she's refusing to come with me tomorrow. So I'm now having to go alone. The dress show has poor disabled access, so its awkward for my mum to come and I don't want my dad to see the dress before the day. I was considering asking an outer female friend to come with me but its very short notice, and again it will mean they see the dress before the day.


ive been laid back about most of the planning, but this has hurt me and left me feeling completely unsupported by by bridesmaid. 

H2B thinks I should see if one of my female friends will fit the original dress and ask them to be a second bridesmaId, but I'm not sure I can do that - they all know I'm only having my sister and it seems very tactless to ask them if they want to be bridesmaid now and on,y on condition they fit the original dress!


am I being unreasonable in being unreasonable in expecting a bit more support from my sister/bridesmaid?


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    Sorry to hear your sister is being unreasonable - did she flat out refuse to come or did she just think that she didn't need to come now her dress is fixed?


    I would suggest to go with another friend does it matter if they see the dress beforehand?


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    shes refused. apparently it's not important as its "just getting measured" and she's seen the dress on so I know she likes it. Coming is awkward because of her weekend plans (booked after the fitting was arranged) and basically I got a long line of excuses when I said I'd still like her there.

    i know my parents will take her side rather than mine as they always do, so theres no point trying to get her to come if she's decided she's not doing it :-(

  • I'd just go on my own and find a nice little bar afterwards for some lunch and enjoy the alone time. This saves anyone feeling like a last minute option and it's not everyday you get to have a nice afternoon out on your own.


    I did this with my first dress shopping. Drove 2.5 hours away first thing in the morning, picked my dress, drove to the next town and had a lovely brunch whilst reading the news and getting excited thinking about our wedding. People don't appreciate alone time enough nowadays! 

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